Emotes won't work with TextChatService

When I try to emote using /e dance, an error “You can’t use emotes here.” appears. It seems this only happens if the ChatVersion in TextChatService is set to TextChatService since /e dance still works with LegacyChatService.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello, question, this is your game correct?

Yes it is, forgot to mention that.

I’m not sure why this is happening, perhaps an engine bug as I tested my studio and the ChatVersion is set to TextChatService. Did you make any modifications to the chat?

I, just like @ezpezilemonbeezy, couldnt reproduce it either. For me it works just fine with TextChatService, does this happen in all of your games or one specific game that uses that kind of chat?

Found the issue, turns out you must be using R15 for /e dance to work with TextChatService

You shouldn’t have to be. I reported a bug where it didn’t work on R6 months ago and it did get fixed so I am suprised that it is back and when I test it in R6 it still works for me.