Empty key DataStore requests filling queue


All servers for Bee Swarm Simulator have logs filled with this message (beginning some time last night):

DataStore request was added to queue. If request queue fills, further requests will be dropped. Try sending fewer requests. Key =

As far as I’m aware, all DataStore requests in Bee Swarm Sim go through a ModuleScript that manages them, so I used that to search all requests. I was unable to find any save or load request using a nil string or a string with a length of 0 or 1. This also became a problem suddenly without any changes to the DataStore system. It’s causing other DataStore requests to stall or fail but I can’t figure out the cause.

I’ve seen this error pop up in the past when DataStores were having problems in general / for all games and I’m wondering if it’s an issue on my end I’m not seeing or if there’s just something going on with DataStores.

Edit: Another thing to note is it’s not happening in the test place, only the release one.

Edit2: I’ve found the specific DataStore causing the error - a global config file that all servers load that I think was overwritten with a nil value at some point by an automated script I use to run a periodic in game event. The only confusion I have now is why the warning was for an empty key when the only key being used was “GlobalConfig”. Sorry for the false alarm!

Datastores: Improve clarity of throttling warnings

It would be nice if these sort of warnings also included the originating source


Last time I looked into this, when no key is specified, it means you are being throttled on request types that are not associated with a key. This would be GetSortedAsync and AdvanceToNextPageAsync.

I made a feature request for improving throttling warnings here:

Please add use cases there if you have something that isn’t covered already (such as including originating source like @Crazyman32 mentions above)