Enable/Disable switch for Virtual Reality


As a HTC Vive owner, it is really annoying when I boot up roblox or roblox studio and it automatically starts in virtual reality mode when my Vive is connected. Especially because I then have to exit roblox again, plug out the power cable for the Vive and then reboot roblox.

A very simple fix to this problem is by adding a VR switch to the settings menu which can be enabled when a virtual reality device is detected. And then make it only automatically boot up virtual reality mode when SteamVR is already running. I have added a picture to show what exactly im trying to convey.

of roblox


It would be better to just have a separate Play in VR button on the website. That would be a better UX, plus VR games right now all expect that VR on/off is consistent throughout the entire session.


Perhaps there could be a button in the esc menu to switch between normal play and VR, but it makes you rejoin the server first after a confirmation window.