Endless 302 Redirect Error when attempting to log in to Roblox

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I want to preface this by saying that I myself have not experienced this bug, and was requested by Nightgaladeld to post this on behalf of the developer who cannot currently access their account.

Whenever the user attempts to access the site while logged in to their account they are met with a series of redirects between roblox.com and a “NotApproved.aspx” page. This results in a “too many redirects” error from Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (we have not tried this on other browsers).

Google Chrome Error Page:

Network History Showing 302 Redirect Loop:

This issue occurs every time the user attempts to log in or use the website from their account specifically. Logging in with any other account works as expected with no issues. The issue is not linked to our network or a specific device, as we have encountered the problem on 3 different networks (including mobile data) and on 4 different devices (2 different PCs and 2 phones).

The user is able to log in successfully using the Roblox mobile app, however, this results in a glitched state where no assets will load in the app (presumably due to the same authorization error). When attempting to view pages such as the games page on the mobile app, a generic “No Internet Connection” error is seen, although this is not the case.

This bug occurs on every https://roblox.com/… based URL and any services requiring account authorization (including Roblox Studio and the Developer Forums).

Roblox Studio: Unauthorized Error (Username and Password fields are blanked for privacy)

I am unsure if these incidents are linked or it is simply a coincidence, but this bug began to occur shortly after the developer was moderated for uploading a decal with some small text to the website. As is routine for asset moderation of this type, the user was asked to reactivate their account after agreeing to the Terms of Use. They did so and experienced no issues for roughly the following 6 hours before noticing that some services began to throw errors. At first, it was just the occasional failure to join a Roblox game, but soon they began to experience more widespread site issues, and by the following morning they could no longer access their account whatsoever.

Error Joining Game from the night before:

This bug has completely prevented the developer from being able to access their account in any capacity or access any of their work in roblox studio. I have heard from a couple of other developers that they know of at least one or two more people who have encountered this issue within the last 72 hours. For anyone hit with this issue, the only solution appears to be to submit a support ticket and hope the situation gets resolved, however, if this bug is linked to some sort of glitch in the moderation system it could potentially continue to impact developers moving forward.

Regardless I appreciate your time and I hope to see this issue resolved quickly.

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The infinite redirect issue has been happening for a very, very long time. About as far back as the beginning of Roblox, ~2006 or earlier. My friend has experienced it, at some point I’ve experienced it, and I’ve had someone in Post Approval near the end of 2019 experiencing it.

I haven’t had it lately so I can’t check if there’s an escape hatch now, but last time I did I was unable to log out of my account due to this issue and had to clear website data just to get out of my account.

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That’s a known issue. It’s rare and happens when you reactivate the account (after warning). No pages are working, because of 403 errors even on the endpoint’s documentation.

All Roblox webpages think you are banned and not banned at once, so they keep redirecting you. The temporary solution is to log out the account (and use an alt without logging into the main account while the issue occurs).

It’s not any sort of IP ban. Roblox will work you unless you are logged in or you try to log in to your account.

About two weeks (12/27/2019) it has also occured for me. @WebGL3D has assisted me with fixing it early so I am unable to say why it’s not working. As previously mentioned. It’s known and the solution was earlier scheduled to publish in January.


That’s also the conclusion I came to. Bizzare issue though.

Can you explain what you mean by this a bit more? I just reactivated my account and I’m stuck in this loop and I’m not sure what to do.

You can do nothing at this point. Some API servers has cached your ban status.

  1. https://roblox.com/ gets information that you were locked recently and it redirects you to the lock details page
  2. the lock details page (NotApproved) tries to likely load exact information about your lock (warn), but since they are not available anymore (you reactivated account), it redirects you back to https://roblox.com/
  3. The process repeats.
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Okay then. Do you know how long it takes for the cahce to expire?

Nope. I only know this is a real issue and @WebGL3D is currently working on the solution

I can confirm this happening.

Signs like this scared me for my account being banned for reasons I don’t know:

Couple refreshes later:

This has also been happening for others. Looking forward for a swift fix.

See you :slight_smile:

EDIT: Was recently warned for a political ad that was not acceptable (was changed to fit appropriate themes). This might be a reason for this also, don’t know.


I’ve refreshed multiple times and still receive the redirect thing. No idea why.

Roblox Staff messaged me and with more information they’re aware and it’s being investigated.

I’m sure they’ll update us all when so. :blush:

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Happened to a Friend of mine, @JFKPart today as well.

Is any of this going to be fixed soon?

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