Enhance Robux Donation Accessibility

In my game PLS DONATE, which focuses on Robux donations, many players struggle with the requirement to create game passes or clothing items to start receiving donations. This challenge significantly impacts my game, often leading to a decline in player retention, as there’s currently no easy method for donating or gifting Robux to others without going through the whole process of creating new game passes, clothing, or UGC.

Issue & Suggestion:
Despite the “Gift Robux” endpoint being added to the Roblox Economy API two years ago, it hasn’t been put into action. This means games like mine, which rely on donations, lack a crucial tool for players to gift Robux to each other directly. I’d imagine this feature would still include taxes & commission, similar to how game passes are handled. Implementing something that doesn’t require the creation of game passes/clothing would greatly improve my experience, and I believe there will be a noticeable increase in new players to games like mine if something like this is added.

Additionally, if the open cloud asset upload API could be extended to gamepasses (when opencloudservice is expanded), I think that could work too.

I strongly believe it would greatly benefit both myself, Roblox, and many other developers if there were a way to gift players Robux within an experience without the need for creating gamepasses or clothing items. This improvement would positively impact my game, PLS DONATE, and numerous other donation games on the platform.

I personally think that game passes and clothing items shouldn’t be solely uploaded for receiving donations. This may contribute to clutter in the catalog with numerous “clothing” items not intended to be worn as clothing.

Please consider implementing the described feature, it would be incredibly beneficial for us and for Roblox. :pray:


Very much agree. Some transparency on what happened to that highly anticipated Robux gifting API endpoint would be nice, as well. Something must’ve occurred internally that caused it’s development to be halted… I remember keeping my eyes on it, being interested to implement it when it came out, just to be left with radio silence. If it was to be released as a result of this feature request, it’d take away so much of the hassle for both users (having to create gamepasses/clothing assets just to be donated Robux) and developers (having to use hacky methods to retrieve users’ on-sale assets and prevent fake donations).

If this feature simply isn’t feasible (for whatever reason), Roblox has been pushing how they want players to be able to create their “own experiences” inside an experience over the past few months, starting off with their In-Experience Asset Creation feature. This functionality could potentially be extended to both gamepasses and clothing assets(?), which would make it much easier for those looking to create donation assets in these games. Regardless, this is still an inefficient and unintuitive solution compared to the feature described in the OP that was already being worked on, and should really only be a last resort.


I absolutely agree with you. I also believe that Roblox should immediately add a robux donation system as “Gift robux”.


one thing i’d like to know if the endpoint is ever introduced is how commission would actually work.

with conventional gamepasses / clothing, there is an incentive for roblox to provide a commission to game owners because of the fees involved + the fact that the game facilitated the transaction.

however, with a gifting API endpoint being added, would there be any incentive? i guess roblox would still take their % cut, so that’s one thing, but if gifting was added, there would probably be a client-facing method on roblox.com to directly gift to others.

obviously the best case scenario (especially for those like @haz3mn) would be a similar cut to gamepasses or clothing. just wondering the route that roblox would most likely take.


With all due respect to PLS DONATE, I think the ability to gift Robux via API has too much potential for abuse and could consequently destroy Roblox, and here’s why.

  1. Unscrupulous devs would suddenly flood the platform low quality donate experiences, seeking to cash in. This is the opposite of what Roblox is currently trying to accomplish.
  2. It opens the potential for money laundering and gift card scammers. Buy Roblox gift cards with illicit funds, redeem, donate in game, and repeat to launder through multiple Roblox accounts. There may already be a measure of this that goes on within PLS DONATE, and I mean no offense and I’m not making accusations. But the potential is there.
  3. It may result in Roblox accounts being targeted by hackers/scammers. Hack an account, visit an illicit donate experience, dump all the Robux, and move on.

Any one of the above reasons would create a major liability situation for Roblox, particularly because their primary user base is under 13. All it takes is one angry parent who’s child had their account compromised and it would be all over the news. That would destroy the platform, along with every developer on it. This can’t happen, and we shouldn’t be advocating for a feature that could do it.

With the current PLS DONATE process requiring players to create game passes and items, it acts as a sort of 2 Player Authentication to ensure that both sender and recipient are legitimate parties. It might be inconvenient and negatively affects player retention, but it encourages a behavior that is fundamental to the Roblox platform and game development; creating monitizatization products.

I recommend that instead of requesting this feature, create an onboarding process within PLS-DONATE that walks a player through the process of creating products when they claim a booth. Detect if they already already have products and give the player an option to bypass or cancel. No products, no booth.

Or give them the option to create a booth for In-Game Currency only donations. This gives mobile players an option to participate in the experience as a donation recipient.

Alternatively, you can contact Roblox and advocate for a more direct tutorial for new players to create products in some of the demo experiences in Studio.

In any case, I feel it will be an uphill battle as roughly 2/3 of all Roblox players are on mobile only and don’t dev.


Just wanted to add I have a tutorial that runs for players who haven’t played the game before detailing how to upload clothes to sell and how to upload gamepasses (onboarding process)

It works well and the tutorial can be accessed anytime by selecting it from a gui.

I agree. The idea of making the process of transferring Robux as easy as described is a huge liability and would give phishers and scammers an extremely easy way to cash out a victim’s Robux balance, which is probably why this was never implemented in the first place.

As far as I’m concerned, the only way Robux can be transferred between players is through trading or buying products, and it should stay this way.

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Kind of a moot point to bring up for a reason why easier robux donation accessibility shouldn’t be a thing. This is more of a personal opinion rather than an actual argument against donations on the platform. Robux donations shouldn’t be a thing because… “I don’t want to support low quality donate experiences”

Scammers already exist on the platform without dedicated robux donations. They already easily exist by using gamepasses and tshirts. They already do it with the current system, adding donations won’t magically introduce scamming or even increase it.

Anyone can already make a t-shirt and gamepass and anyone can then buy that t-shirt or gamepass already, there’s no “authentication” to ensure both parties are legitimate… I think you are confused because you assume there wouldn’t be the same pending period as t-shirts and gamepasses for robux donations. In fact, I 100% guarantee roblox will still have the 30% marketplace fee, that’s not the issue.

The issue is that gifting robux to other players is a hassle for the average user, and creating an official “gift” option would allow users to easily do something they can already do in a round-about way (creating a gamepass, and then making the developers (us) use endpoints to try and find all the sellable ones and listing it in a game where it’s visible to other players). Gifting robux is already a thing, so why not make it easier for the average user?


If there is a donation system added, it should have zero percent cut to the game owner (not only to avoid abuse, but to avoid games like pls donate existing as they exist off the VERY scummy idea of making money through people donating to eachother)

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You can already do that: Gain access to an account and buy an expensive gamepass. I would like to see Roblox add optional safety feature that would require each transaction to require 2FA pass.

If you’re spending too much robux in a short amount of time you have to reauthenticate with 2FA to continue spending