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Photograpgher Job

:bulb: This is a simple guide of the workings of an photographer in our server, each and every member who is a photographer is extremely important to us as you are the ones who stores the memory of Enroute!

:bulb: The purpose of your job is taking images of roleplays and uploading it into our โ€œ#photo-galleryโ€ channel. You are required to have a screenshot tool and a basic understanding on how Discord works aswell.

:spiral_notepad: Simply uploading the image into the โ€œ#photo-galleryโ€ channel with a caption is completely OK, adding a few emojis into the caption, editing the image to look more aesthetically pleasing is OK aswell. There will be some examples below if youโ€™d like to check it out!

:closed_book: We do have basic expectations from you, please do not post any irrelevant images. However, you are allowed to post any other game than ER:LC with a member of our community. Any type of inappropriate images is not allowed, all rules in our Discord server still applies to you.

:question: Example


:tada: This is end of this guide! We wish you to continue and support us by being active and continuing to create more memories with us! Weโ€™d like to thank you in advance for volunteering of being a photographer. If you have any questions or concerns related to this, please contact a staff member.

Wed 4, 2021
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