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Reviewing Job Applications

:bulb: We give players several jobs in order to keep our community active, these jobs are however, volunteered. So far, we only offer 2 jobs, there are multiple requirements for each job, if you’d like to learn more about it, please read the details below.

:briefcase: Jobs we offer;

  • SWAT Team
  • Photographer

:bulb: Job Applications works rather different than Staff Applications, we allow members from the Public Relations Officers to access Google Forms itself and delete forms once they are completed. This means each member from the Public Relations Officer must have a Gmail Account in order to access Google Forms in order to review applicants. The list of requirements will be below for each job.

Any member from the Public Relations Officer will be able to manage the applications, this means that if there are any new members as a Public Relations Officer, they must be invited as an editor manually into the application in order to review applicants.

:closed_book: The section below is extremely crucial, you must read each detail and understand properly for every instruction given below, if you have any concerns, please contact a member of Administration Team+ with visible experience.

:white_check_mark: Accepting & Declining Applications

When you’d like to accept a player’s job application after you finished reading it and all requirements has been met, please rank the player on the spot. Do not delay as it may confuse whether or not if the the application has been read. Further details of ranking will be provided below.

:spiral_notepad: When a player’s requirement is not reached, please simply delete the application and move on to read other applications. You may check out the video below on how to delete an application

:closed_book: You are not required to notify players if their application has been declined as we already stated in their application that if they do not hear a response within 14 days, their application has been declined and may reapply.

However though, if a player reaches out to you and asked regarding about their application, simply tell them that it was declined and they may reapply if you are unable to find their application.

:gun: Generally for SWAT, there anything much to say. SWAT is basically the same with LEO, just having a few perks such as the vests, rams to break down doors, etc. There are a few disadvantages though, such as not being able to patrol like how LEO does.

There are two requirements in order to be a SWAT member, please check out our requirements below of being a SWAT member.

:balance_scale: Requirements

  • Requires the SWAT gamepass
  • Requires basic grammar

:closed_book: If you’d like to accept a player as a SWAT member as all of their requirements has been met, you may simply use the command “?swata [User ID]” in order to rank them to SWAT, they will also be notified that they’re ranked aswell!

:closed_book: After you have ranked a player as a SWAT member by using the command shown above, please log their username in our Trello board under the list “SWAT Access” in order to keep track members who has been accepted as a SWAT member.

You may log SWAT members in Trello board below! (Only for Public Relations Officers)
:link: General Staff Board - Trello

:camera_flash: Photographers job is to create as much memories in Enroute Private Roleplay as possible! Without them, memories of roleplays are loss. This is the reason why photographers are so important.

Like the SWAT requirements, our fellow applicants who applied for photographers have some basic requirements for them aswell!

:balance_scale: Requirements

  • Requires a screenshot tool
  • Requires basic grammar
  • Does not have any significant sanctions within Enroute

:closed_book: If an applicant has reached all requirements in order to be a photographer, simply use the command “!pha [User ID]” in order to rank them, dyno will notify them about the rank and also send them a handbook about photographers here!

Feel free to check out the handbook sent to them as a photographer!
:link: Photographer Job Handbook

:tada: Finally! It is the end of this guide, this guide is quite a mess. Well then, if you have any further questions or concerns with this guide, feel free to contact any member from the HR Team!

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