Ensure entire game is loaded on client

Suggested by AlexNewtron in this post.

The upcoming changes to player creation has created some confusion on whether or not an object in the game can be seen by the client at a particular point in time after the changes are in effect.

There is currently no way to know if the entire game has been loaded by the client. As a developer, ensuring all components necessary for a local script to perform is cumbersome, and in many cases local scripts are intended to be executed only after the entire game is loaded, like car driving local scripts and tool local scripts.

Tools to ensure the entire game is loaded will be useful for streamlining code that is intended to be executed only after the entire game is loaded.


Support. A simple ClientLoaded boolean inside of the player object, similar to IsLoaded in Sound objects and ImageLabels/ImageButtons, would be quite useful for the above mentioned uses.

I Imagine this would have to be disabled on games utilizing Streaming.

How would this be different from DataModel:IsLoaded?


Could see this being integrated with another feature I requested: Give us some way to know when an object and its children are fully loaded