Entering The Exclusion Zone -- Pripyat

Exklusion, an upcoming survival horror game on Roblox. Pictures below are of the first level. More pictures of other levels will be released upon a later date. Please, enjoy the scenery. All constructive criticism is encouraged and welcome.

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This reminds me of just one of those city games with the police and all the businesses…


The most obvious suggestion I can say is that you should work on the lighting and atmosphere. Call me cliched, but a “survival horror” game should have a darker, and especially (since it’s in Pripyat) far bleaker tone.

Take, for example:

HBO’s Chernobyl

The image is faded out, and an overcast sky hangs over the destroyed Chernobyl reactor. A grey color dominates the color range of the image, and helps sell the “hopelessness” of the situation and environment.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

More like the previous image, the brown/grey color, coupled with the rusty, dilapidated scenery (which you included in your images) gives an unsettling and abandoned feel.

  • Mess with your ColorCorrection, as a start.
    Lowering these particular settings can wash out your colors, make it darker, and generally help sell the “horror” vibe I believe you want to achieve.

  • Adding Atmosphere to your Lighting part will generate a more advanced fog system (than previously implemented to Roblox) and can have its color(s) and intensity adjusted.

  • In general, mess with the settings within Lighting. Many of the values that can be adjusted will drastically affect the look of your environment. Try for darker colors.

  • Of course, you can choose a different skybox and time of day to find a good balance of colors and lighting.

While I understand you most likely purposely went for a sunset/sunrise look in your original photos, I feel that the lighting of the scenery itself does not compliment the warm tones of the sun itself. Sunshine usually gives off much more reassuring, positive feelings.

As a quick demonstration, I took a scene I already had finalized, and adjusted the lighting to create a far darker, depressing look.


Great suggestion! However, the pretty calm scenery (There’s calming music in this level) is intentionally made to be calming. Things quickly become contrasted once the player enters inside both one of the houses and inside the facility

(Do note that what you see in these two screenshots are not yet completed)

-And for your comment about the warm tones of the sun: those will be absent. I feel it’s important to make the player feel as cold as possible, so messing with the general hues of indoor and outdoor ambients to make them look more blue. The general idea of this first area is to give the player some time to become immersed into this environment before descending into the depths below. The calm environment will give the player some form of false sense security, and this area is also used for the game’s tutorial which is also I also feel that it needs to be relaxed. I think it’s perfectly fine for a game to be eerie and uncomfortable at the start but what I’m doing here is easing the player into the mechanics of gameplay comfortably before throwing them straight into the darkness

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The game looks amazing! However, I think you could change it to make it more ambient, i.e a bit more of a gloomy ambience. The game looks like a post-apocalyptic game, but the skybox really throws it off in my opinion. Anyways, keep it up! Can’t wait to see the amazing game!