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Hey my name’s Quinn!! I’m a level/environmental designer that’s been making games on Roblox for the past 13 years and counting :slight_smile:

Like most developers who’ve been around since the early days, I am self-taught and self-reliable with my craft. My experience in construction and education in CADD has lead me to create cutting-edge visuals in digital architecture and write up easily intelligible blueprints/floorplans. My goal on Roblox is to spread my passion and inspiration for art by having it engraved in everything I create.ㅤ

In the majority of my builds, I mostly use these styles:


Don’t see the style you want? No problem!
I am always wanting to try out new styles and love taking on new challenges!

I love helping developers – new or veteran – learn new skillsets that they can apply to their projects. Here are my community tutorials that I have contributed:

Billboard Images – Understanding Lighting Effects
The Basics of Realism – Mastering Immersion
Introducing EIFS Into Your Builds

Here’s everything notable that I worked on over the years!
(Newest - Oldest)
State of The Art
The Encore
War Tycoon (GameFam)
He-Man Sim V2 (GameFam)
Alaskan Modern Cabin
Los Angeles, California
Swordland - Sky Dojo

>>> Terms of Service <<<

  • USD Only

If you’re interested in commissioning me, feel free to contact me on here or on any of my socials linked below. Just ask politely if I’m accepting commissions at this time and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. My prices vary depending on what you want made. Payments can be negotiated personally.



Commissions are open! Feel free to either comment below or DM my on any of the provided social media.

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I like your work, I would recommend drawing down a design for weapons on something to get a good general idea around them

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Commissions are now currently closed!

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When they open I’d like to order some weapons. Also maybe you can teach me how to get better at making weapons :laughing:

Shame, if you have an opening here is a link to what i need:

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I greatly appreciate the offer. However my comms are currently closed because a place I was seeking employment at is interested in hiring me so I won’t have time to work on anything. Sorry


How much did the first one with the fisherman area cost? I would love to have something like that, excellent work, if I may add.

Fisherman area? Can you please describe?

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I could pay you 300k + 50% of earnings if you created a shop and intro and lobby for me.

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The first ‘Environments’ image.

Commissions are open again! Please re-read my commission prices and Terms of Service, for things have changed!

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I made a big adjustment to my prices for building commissions! Make sure to check them out towards the bottom of my portfolio :slight_smile:

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Commissions are now closed!

I’m typing in this space here so that this post has more than 30 characters and be able to post it.

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Commissions are open again!! If you’re interested, or have any questions, feel free to comment on this post or DM me on Discord/Twitter!

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Commissions are now closed! I have some BIG plans in the future though!!


hello I am looking to hire you for a project would love to hear from you my discord is ROWG_Leader#3822

Here is my game:

Hi! Unfortunately as stated on my portfolio I am not currently open for comms, sorry!


Sad to hear that! You are extremely talented - looking forward to possibly working with you whenever you open your commissions once again. Good luck with your future endeavors!

Thank you!! I might be opening up my comms again here relatively soon (Within a few months maybe) so make sure to keep an eye out! :slight_smile: