Entire Roblox website is down, resulting errors before irresponsive

Reproduction Steps

Simply open up the website. Any link is affected.

Expected Behavior

Site performing normal operations and displaying the content.

Actual Behavior

Initial results were error 502, 503. Then slowly went over to slow connections and irresponsive page with error 400.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: https://www.roblox.com/
Impact: Critical
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-09-22 23:09:00 (+02:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-09-23 00:09:00 (+02:00)


Roblox studio is also down, can’t commit scripts nor publish any new updates.


I am reconsidering critical impact, but I don’t know if that’s matching…

It looks like the entire infrastructure is failing. Perhaps it’s core systems. Sometimes there’s a response of “The service is unavailable”.

most likely critical.

I’d say it’s pretty critical given I’m unable to even save my work.

i also think its a little more than degraded-


Pretty sure Roblox already noticed this.

They just need to update their status page to reflect the current state of the Roblox website.

That’s rather unfortunate. I’m in studio right now. It would suck that 2 hours of works would go to waste because I couldn’t save.

If anyone have work not saved you can always save it locally or at least it says it saves successfully for me when I save it to my PC.


I have upgraded the impact status to critical.

Roblox is down and studio too…
One question though (don’t judge me I’m not cultured) …
Is there a chance for players to lose data when roblox is down ?

Yep, they’re aware.


This shouldn’t be critical since only the website is affected by this, according to the status page.

Never mind. The status page is inaccurate. Alot more than the website is affected.

Kinda looks like Roblox claims it is “Degraded Performance” on the website.

I think it should be set to “No Performance” lol as we cannot even get into the website.


Roblox teams were alerted and are investigating. Thanks for the report.


Yeah well that’s an issue when it comes to collaboration, other people might be working on something before you upload the local save and then that will get overwritten.

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Yea that is the only issue. Lucky I was editing a game with no one in studio working on it so I think it should be fine for me.

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Probably related but when opening studio, this pops up too.

Can confirm this issue happening to me aswell,


When I try to open studio.

I edited my reply before you replied. Didn’t you notice?

Coincidentally I was working on something in my game that would notify players when the game servers are shutting down :woozy_face:

Give the engineers coffee!! :slight_smile:

It looks like they’re tired and unable correctly set the status of the services!