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:heart: About me and my services :heart:

Καλησπέρα! I am George, a 15-year-old from Athens, Greece.
I specialize in many aspects of game management, including translation, marketing, and sales.
I have over a year of experience as a translator. In the last year, I have collaborated with some well-known creators to create Greek translations for viral games. I have worked for Foxzie’s Productions, I regularly take commissions from Antiael, and I currently work for Cloud Entertainment and Gigawatt Studios as a Translation Manager.

Make sure to check out my website: https://www.georgegr.xyz/

:question: Why should I hire you over the other Greek Translators? :question:

You should hire me because my translations are top-quality. As a native Greek speaker who has lived in Greece my whole life and also speaks fluent English, I will ensure no mistakes or misunderstandings are made during translation. I speak Greek every day and so I will be able to translate to Greek 100% accurately, using proper wording which will guarantee a great experience for all Greek players.
Another reason as to why I should be hired is my experience. I am extremely reliable as proven by my previous commissions (listed in the experience section). I have translated games that have tens, and even hundreds, of millions of visits. I have delivered positive results and all my employers have been extremely pleased with my work. Unlike other candidates for this position, I have proven myself time and time again in extremely successful games, ranging from 8 million visits to 300 million visits. You can rest assured that I will translate everything in this project to the highest standards and that I will always be hard-working.

:briefcase: Do you have any past experience? :briefcase:

I have over a year of experience in translating. Some of my biggest commissions are featured below:

Car Dealership Tycoon by Foxzie’s Productions, 300 Million+ visits.

Fishing Simulator by Cloud Entertainment, 150 Million+ visits.

Playville by Antiael, 33 Million+ visits.

Lift Legends Simulator by Antiael, 33 Million+ visits.

Gorilla by Antiael, 18 Million+ visits.

Flash Universe by Abstract Vision, 18 Million+ visits.

Olympian Gods Tycoon by Lass Games, 8.4 Million+ visits.

Supercharged by Gigawatt Studios [Translation Manager]


:greece: How will your language benefit my game? :greece:

Having Greek translations will open the game up to a whole new range of players. I am positive that this will result in an influx of new players, making visits skyrocket and earning money for the group through premium payouts and Greek players buying game passes.
I know many Greek players who are interested in the game’s genre. Making the game accessible to them will increase the active, loyal player base. It will create a whole community of Greek players consistently playing the game, and an active player base will create much more revenue for the group than one-time players who click on group ads.
Many of my employers have commended my work and noticed a significant increase in the daily player count after adding Greek translations to their games.

:muscle: What are some of your strengths? :muscle:

  • Activity - I am online every day for 4-6 hours. My high levels of activity mean I can complete commissions relatively fast, while still maintaining the highest possible quality of translation. It also means I will be able to take new requests, suggestions, or assignments and act on them on the very same day, ensuring a good relationship between my employer and myself and guaranteeing satisfaction in my work.

  • Experience - As mentioned, I have a lot of experience under my belt. The games that I listed above have over 540 million visits combined. My experience proves something that I have proven time and time again to every employer I have ever done a commission for, I can be trusted to meet and exceed expectations on time.

  • Dedication - When I take on a commission, I am always prepared and determined to give it my all. I work extremely hard to make sure I deliver a good result. I cater to my employer’s needs when it comes to suggestions, and I always make time to communicate with my employers so I can listen to their feedback.

:moneybag: Payment Information :moneybag:
➞ 100R$/String | 0.5$
➞ 80R$/Developer Product | 0.4$

Rates are negotiable and discounts will be given

:phone: Contact Information :phone:

Discord: George G#8734
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/george-gaitanis-34b6901b3/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gaitanis_george
Gmail: georgegaitanisgr@gmail.com

If you would like to get to know me better, check out my resume and personal website.


George is an amazing translator, with so much experience. It is amazing to see the Greek community grow, I would suggest him to anyone :slight_smile: .

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Great turn-around time + management skills (They’re in charge of my translation team over at Gigawatt Studios). Translations are quality and they took the time to review each questionable string w/me to make sure translations were up to snuff.

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I cannot recommend George’s services enough, he is a reliable translator who always makes things easy for his employers. I am extremely impressed with his professionalism and high quality work.
If you’re in need of a Greek translator, look no further than George.


George is a good translator and he has tons of experience. I hope to see him help contribute to growing the Greek community, and I would highly recommend you hire him to translate your game :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

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George is amazing at his job and takes the additional time to help out other translators. If you would like your game to reach Greek audiences, get him on board your team! :grin:

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@EntrepreneurMuffin is an awesome translator, I can call him my mentor as he’s the one who got me into Translating. I have seen his work, they are superb. If you’re looking for a greek translator, with fast service and best quality, he’s the best choice for you!

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@EntrepreneurMuffin is an amazing translator who translated Flash Universe in a quick and effective manner! He took the time to review the strings and ask any questions to ensure that his translations would be correct. He also reviewed his translations several times. If you need a Greek translator, I would definitely recommend George!

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@EntrepreneurMuffin is an excellent translator who translated my game “Olympian Gods Tycoon”, he is very efficient and fast. I recommend to anyone who wants to translate their game into Greek !

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Good greek translator → :+1:

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