Enuma - Graphics Opinions

Hello developers!

Before giving you specifics, this topic connects to the sunset scene I showed yesterday and the post about the Enuma Corporation I made near the start of the year. This may be the last post for awhile, but who knows? The world is full of wondrous things.

I need your opinion on the following graphic. Is the contrast good, do I need more trees, nature, etc.? Please note below. Thank you.

Environmental Screenshots:


I absolutely love the lighting and realistic theme. Though, the leaves on the trees seem a bit thin compared to the trunk itself.

Yeah I’ve been working hard on sizing the leaves proportionately to the trees. I’ll see if I can fix it and update this post.

Updated the post with a few edits. Hopefully these will help everyone make critiques.

I absolutely love this environment. The lighting is nice in relation to the vegetation and nature. In the second image, there are some saplings with leaves and bark color that are very different from the larger trees. I know because they are younger trees, they are lighter colors, but the contrast is too great for me. Overall, I really like the concept, and I would definitely play it if my computer could handle it. :happy3:

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