Enuma - Sunset Scene (GFX)


Hello everyone! For those of you who saw my post in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations regarding the Enuma Corporation, you’ll know what this is for. My community wanted to transition to a forest environment instead of a snowy one so I’m working on some environment scene laying and aesthetic.

What are your opinions this and what can I improve?


This looks amazing in my opinion, The sun is amazing the trees look real and everything just looks so realistic, Maybe you can make like caves or something and maybe a cabin? To make it look more real and amazing looking, And the sun a bit less brighter… But good job on this!


I’m planning on throwing up a radio tower in the background. I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll make a post either in this category or cool creations asking for opinions on the final render. Still working on the sun brightness as well. I got some opinions on that from other artists.

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Ah! That sounds like an amazing idea.


The terrain looks amazing. The trees are really nice and detailed, the grass looks great and so does the waterfall touch in the background. The sun glare and how it reflects back at you on the terrain just makes it even better. Overall I think you’ve done a pretty good job.


Wow! This is beautiful! I love the lighting and the amount of detail! How did you do it if you mind telling?

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Surprisingly enough this was all done in Roblox. I talked to some artists and got some advice on proper sun flare, used some free models for nature (rocks, bushes, trees, redwoods) and then did all the terrain work myself.

The little background you can see of the main facility is what really matters but this image is more for the natural environment instead. For example, you can clearly see the AA gun in the background but not the main gate or the vehicle bay entrance.

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Wow! This is amazing! It’s cool you can do this all in Roblox!

Please make sure sky has the same effect , have a look at your mistake :point_down:

I noticed that too. I think that’s how the skybox is structured. Have any good alternatives?

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Yeah maybe increase the sun light effect , a bit

Haha my bad. I meant do you have any good skybox alternatives? This scene will be scene from infinitely different locations as it is a roleplay game; therefore, editing the sun brightness will only affect the photo above, not the majority of the game.