Error 403 being thrown when trying to edit my post

Hey everyone!

Today I was trying to update my portfolio, but then I was thrown error 403. I searched it up and it seems that it happens when the website willingly does not fulfill it’s request due to client related issues. Apart from being inactive from the DevForum for about a 2-3 weeks, I don’t actually think I did anything wrong, such as a bannable offence. My wi-fi works perfectly fine as well. Could someone help me with this issue?


Yeah im having that problem too, It sometimes works if you refresh the page, looks like roblox’s server is broken

Oh, ok thanks, I guess it’s good to know that this isn’t only for me :sweat_smile:…thank you so much for the advice though!

Update: It still doesn’t seem to work after trying to refresh the page multiple times. Guess that we will have to wait then. Has anyone else found any solutions to this?

It’s obviously something wrong with the servers. You can’t do anything about it except report it

Yeah, I’m assuming that it’s the servers then. Let’s hope that things work well in a few hours.

I’m experiencing the same problem.
Hope it’s fixed soon. :smiley:

Taking a look, thanks for letting us know.

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This should be resolved now, apologies for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you run into any other significant issues today while browsing.