Error 403 on ALL accounts just for being banned on one account

Hm, alright. I will try to get a bug report filed for this anyway though so I can atleast either get confirmation that it is intended or that it was accidental and just hasn’t been addressed. I’ll just mark the way that I fixed this as the solution.


I fixed this bug during the time of my ban by just logging into my main account through the roblox app, I didn’t have to log out any other accounts or anything like that.

After the ban ended I was able to play roblox on the website again anyway.

I will try to find a way to file a bug report because this issue hasn’t really been addressed by roblox at all on whether its intended or not.


It is a intentional feature to prevent using Roblox on alternative accounts during ban period, as I’ve mentioned before and something which you should remember for the future, deleting LocalStorage just fixes it, there is no such thing as an IP ban unless you’ve got terminated multiple times and Roblox simply don’t want you on their platform.

But my question to you and everyone is how do you KNOW that it’s intentional. I couldn’t find a single source where roblox has mentioned they’ve done this on purpose.

they just started doing it one day I had this tooo whenever I was banned and tried on an alt

It’s not user id ban, it’s a user ban, if you read my entire post you would’ve seen evidence.
Exploiters have been getting around this for years, simply by creating a new windows profile, like shown here:

If you wan’t to figure it out yourself, you can do so by;

The current marked solution for this post isn’t helpful nor does it explain anything.

Note: DO NOT file a bug report. They have better things to do besides answer a question I’ve answered.
If you do happen to file a bug report, they’ll literally just say the same thing I did.

Some staff member mentioned it about a year ago, can’t find it tho.

Next time if you recieve a ban, open roblox “app”, then click “log out” on the ban screen if you want to use another account