Error Code: 6, Cant play ROBLOX


Happens to me on all games. Started happened today, after an update. Or trying to update.

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I’ve looked at these posts and thought mine was different since I saw no one else posting about it. Shouldn’t this be happening to more people if it is amazon?

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I generally assumed if something has the same error code it’s caused by the same reason, sorry if that’s not the case. I updated my client yesterday, i suppose a lot of others did too.

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@Lilly_S @Nightgaladeld @Quentisaurus

@RyIock Is this still happening to you?

Yes, It also doesn’t allow me to install studio, so my friend has manually sent me the studio update and I am using the window 10 ROBLOX in the store, (Which is terrible because I cant follow and play from ROBLOX links)

Me trying to re-install ROBLOX Player after I uninstalled it...


The current theory is that some networks are incorrectly detecting as malware, which is weird. You may need to install from a less restricted network if you are on a campus.

use a different internet connection. try connecting to your phone internet hotspot