Error: exception while signaling: Must be a LuaSourceContainer

I’m getting this error message without a traceable source so I don’t even know which portion of which script could be causing this. The odd thing is that the same scripts have been running before without this error happening. And other than making the output look ugly everything seems to be operating just fine.
So yeah I don’t know if it’s a problem with my scripts or if Roblox Studio is having a sick day.
Can anyone please tell me what this is?
Thanks in advance

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I can Tell you about it I think? (The best of my ability) Can’t tell you how to fix it…

A LuaSourceContainer as explained on the roblox docs page, “The base class for all objects which contain Lua code.”. So It looks like, to the best of my knowledge, that something (Wether from roblox scripts or not) is trying to run, but it isn’t a LuaSourceContainer (Aka Not a type of script or Container for it).

I found some Topics…? See if anything helps?

I’ve looked over it as well and it seemed that nobody really has a clue what the error is about either. Going off of an assumption I’m guessing that Roblox Studio is having a bug since most of those posts are from around the same time period from last year.

Nope, can confirm that this issue is still occurring and has not been fixed since then. Never found a solution and has happened for years, but never affected gameplay unless spawned in another thread.


And once it occurs with a model or a game there is no resolving/getting rid of this bug right? Do we know what could have made it start occurring?

It has something to do with threads in a script, and the only way to stop or reduce it is to merge them together. It’s very inconsistent and hard to reproduce easily.

Do you mean that it has something to do with the way threads are structured or do you mean when there are too many threads going on? What exactly in regards to threads?

That’s the question that I couldn’t figure out. But if I put the main code and take it out of the separate thread, it still shows the error, but the game functions normally.

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I’m the author of one of those posts that was linked. In my situation, I tracked it down to something in my anticheat, but that’s as far as I got. Everything thing was fine until I started firing remote events to the client. So I think it has something to do with either remote events or access to the WorldRoot in general. I’m not using actors, yet. But I suspect that this is a symptom of a larger problem dealing with thread locking that’s beneath the LUA interpreter. However, doing a literal reading of the error message, it seems that the LUA interpreter is trying to execute bytecode that is not in an LuaSourceContainer. How that happens I have no idea. It might be something internal to Roblox.

I recently started to rewrite my anticheat and I haven’t seen it again…yet.

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