Error with frame cloning

Hi! Please read until the end so you are sure you didn’t miss any important details.

So, I made a photo gallery and (for testing) a button to clone a picture with it’s frame into the main scrolling frame.

Here are the items in the explorer:

Here is the code:

here is what the frame looks like:

You might notice a frame called ‘positioner’ inside the PhotoFrame. This is used to position the new photoframe.

For some reason, though, this happens:

robloxapp-20230830-1814067.wmv (310.1 KB)

(please watch the video to understand)

for some reason, it clones the frame but instead of positioning it to the ‘positioner’ frame’s position it moves all the frame a little under the last frame.

Why? Please help. Thx

Instead of manually trying to set the position, you can make use of a UIListLayout. It handles everything to do with positions, and allows you to do padding around it too.

Oh my I just realised how stupid I am to not have though of that

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