Etheria Changelog [Archive 1]

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  • Small Hotfix:
  • One new secret title
  • If you prestiged monsters before Titles were added, you can now receive their Prestige Titles by loading their Prestige Menus (Select the monster and open the “Prestige” tab)
  • Fixed a bug where the Private Match board in the town wouldn’t load correctly
  • New “Titles” System!
    • Titles are special unlockables that can be equipped to show off. When equipped, titles appear in front of your name in chat and above your nametag in-game.
    • Titles can be obtained through various different methods. See how to unlock some of them by clicking the new button in the bottom-right menu.
    • There are multiple titles that are hidden from the menu until they have been unlocked. These are Secret Titles. How many can you find?
  • Private Matches now available via screen menu
    • Press the button in the bottom-left menu to open the Private Match menu
  • Prestiges for each Etherian now cap at 999,999 to prevent possible save file issues
  • Prestiging an Etherian no longer resets their moveset or removes their Exotic skin
  • You can now use the command “!prestige” to prestige an Etherian while you are using it
  • Credits now displayed in top-left of Daily Task menu
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • New Monsters: Edgehog, Hedgelord
  • Added “Clown” skin for Ribbomb, Frodiary, and Detoadnate
    • Clown skins can be obtained for free by collecting a randomly-spawning balloon on the map
    • Clown skins can be purchased from the skin shop for 500 credits
  • Ability “Sharpened Blade” has been renamed “Sharpened”
  • Added additional logging and security for Credit Purchases
    • There seems to be a Roblox issue recently where purchases don’t go through correctly. This should help to fix it.
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • New Monster [Koutsuki - Kousai mutation]
  • New Ability [Piercing Fangs]
  • Combat Tag is now automatically removed when a private match ends
  • Sent/pending challenges are now colored in blue instead of orange
  • EXP Orb now has a maximum multiplier of x1.5 (up from x1.25), but the multiplier is reduced by 5% for every player in-range of the orb. The minimum multiplier is x1.05.
    • The EXP Orb is meant to be a “King of the Hill” spot, so if you want to gain EXP faster, you are encouraged to fight other players nearby.
  • Backend bug fixes
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • Introducing PRIVATE MATCHES!
    • A private match allows you to have a 1v1 fight against another player in your server. Private matches can be held by anybody in both PvP and RP game modes.
    • You can send/receive/spectate private matches by viewing the board to the left of the Move Tutor
    • Send a private match invite by clicking a player’s name under the “Challenge” column
    • Accept a challenge by clicking a player’s name under the “Accept” column. Challenges auto-expire 30 seconds after they were sent
    • Spectate an ongoing match by clicking a player’s name under the “Spectate” column
    • Stop spectating a private match by using the chat command “!stopspectate” or by respawning
    • Challenging/Accepting/Spectating can only be used while not in-combat, meaning they will be disabled if you have a combat tag in the lower-right corner of your screen
    • While in a private match, you and your opponent cannot be damaged by anybody except for each other. This means that you can have a private match in the sense that there will not be outside interference.
    • Spectators are also immune to damage/status effects/stage changes. Spectators cannot attack the fighters
    • If a spectator attempts to glitch into the arena, the game will automatically kill them
    • If a fighter attempts to glitch out of the arena, the game will automatically kill them, causing them to lose the match
    • Private matches automatically end after 5 minutes
    • While in a private match, neither the fighters nor the spectators will gain any experience. This is to prevent sitting in a private match with a friend to gain experience and avoid being killed. Private matches are not for farming EXP, they are for fighting.
  • New Monster: Carapinch
    • PSA: Kousai, Cromite, and Carapinch will be receiving mutations in the near future… stay tuned!
  • New Abilities:
    • Potent Venom [Poison inflicted by this monster deals more damage than normal.]
    • Exoplating [This monster’s tough exoskeleton reduces critical hit damage dealt to it.]
  • New animations for Rabbini Line
    • Rabbini was originally meant to stay inside of its hat… and now it does!
  • Added a “Weather Forecast” monitor near the General Shoppe. This monitor will tell you when and what the next naturally occurring weather is
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • Fixed an issue where Rich Spectrability wouldn’t appear in the Skin Shop display
  • Upgraded One-Time Codes to allow for us to specify “Use Limits”: for example, we can make some codes able to be used 5 times before becoming expired instead of just once
  • Want a shot at unlocking the special Galaxy skin for Snik? Follow JamiyJamie @
  • Acid no longer damages Poison-type Etherians
  • Possible fix to an issue where all Daily Tasks would be removed when one task was finished
  • You can now view key items from completed quests in your bag
  • Pharavil Nerfs (-5 Base Health, -15 Base Attack)
  • Secton Buffs (+10 Base Health, +10 Base Defense)
  • Changed Minnart requirement
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • New Monster: Cromite
  • New Abilities: Rugged Threat, Robust Trap
  • Changed animations for Lucifyce
  • New artwork for Foreign Gemstone, Monster Egg, USB Drive, and Ancient Flute
  • NPC Animations are now handled by the client instead of the server (lag reduction)
  • NPC Animations are disabled when you are far away from the NPC (lag reduction)
  • Someone suggested I add a clock to the game. Now the General Shoppe has a digital clock. Yeah.
  • Currency now displayed in Lucky Lotto
  • Quirky Orbs now displayed at Move Tutor
  • Changed design of credit purchase menu to look smaller, slick and clean
  • Credit purchase menu now pops up when attempting to purchase a crate without enough credits
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • The Easter Event has ended! Hope you all enjoyed it!
  • New Monsters: Tadbowl, Ramphibien
  • New Item: Ramen
  • Improved Quest Log design
  • Dark types now deal x1.5 damage to Psychic types
  • Fixed an issue where mutations in the Traits menu could be ordered incorrectly
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • Haven’t finished the Easter Event yet? It will end on May 4th!
  • New Monsters: Rabbini, Rabician, Alchare
  • New Quest: Magician Mayhem [Virgil]
  • New Item: Magic Hat (Key Item)
  • Added Lore to each monster in the Traits Menu (Special thanks to Sinthesia_RS for all the descriptions!)
  • Mutation info in Traits Menu are now locked until you unlock the mutation
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
    • Happy Easter! Etheria is having a small event where you can obtain special prizes!
    • Eggs will spawn all around the map, collect certain amounts of eggs to unlock rewards. Talk to Chester to trade in your eggs for the following prizes:
    • [20 Eggs Total] 100 Credits
    • [40 Eggs Total] Spring Teap
    • [60 Eggs Total] 5 Regular Crates
    • [80 Eggs Total] Spring Lullafairy
    • [100 Eggs Total] 5 Creation Crates
    • [120 Eggs Total] Spring Avien
    • [140 Eggs Total] 3 Self Crates
    • [160 Eggs Total] Spring Ribbomb
    • [180 Eggs Total] 5 Self Crates
    • [200 Eggs Total] Spring Lucifyce
  • Swapped Lighting engine from Legacy to Compatibility
  • Possible fix for an issue where tasks wouldn’t be removed after being completed
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • New Monsters: Ovelin, Stolem, Golven
  • New Ability: Overexhaust [Increases size of smoky attacks]
  • Changed smoky attacks (Sand Attack, Smokescreen, Sweet Scent)
    • Use significantly fewer particles, so they should cause less lag
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • Improved Shop design and handling
    • Added “Skins” section to shop
    • This is only a test version of the Skins section, and will likely be re-designed in the future
    • The Skins section will be for purchasing specially designed skins (such as Event skins)
  • Turned the Golden Orb, Teddy bear, and Sword in Stone into interactable objects.
  • Bug fixes
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • Pizza Party Event has ended! A lot of work was put into making this event, so I really hope you all enjoyed it!
  • New Monster: Kousai
  • Replaced Monsters: Spidumbra, Lunachnid
    • At request of the creator, the following monsters have been removed and replaced with new monsters:
    • Replaced Spidumbra with Eidlon
    • Replaced Lunachnid with Aralon
  • Changed Daily Task system
    • You can now complete daily tasks if you are not in the fan group. However, you can only have 2 tasks at a time and they will only give you 20% of the normal reward amount
  • Dragon Dance has been nerfed
    • Now it only buffs one stat (either Attack or Speed)
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
    • Monsters of Etheria is a part of the official Roblox Pizza Party Event! For a limited time, use Pizza Launchers to shoot pizzas at other players! Collect launched pizzas to receive exclusive Roblox hats!
    • During this event, you also have the opportunity to earn “Pizza” skins for the following 16 monster lines:
    • Boxling/Broxl (Give Chex 20 Pizzas in total)
    • Honumb/Ursweet (Give Chex 40 Pizzas in total)
    • Avien/Maltion (Give Chex 60 Pizzas in total)
    • Lullafairy (Give Chex 80 Pizzas in total)
    • Magu/Magecci/Maguca (Give Chex 100 Pizzas in total)
    • Crimortar/Outlannon (Randomly found when hit by a Pizza Launcher [Common])
    • Snik/Seren/Secton (Randomly found when hit by a Pizza Launcher [Rare])
    • Lyxic/Prowlyx/Miscrelyx (Defeat an Etherian that is using a Pizza skin)
    • Salablinder/Hyd-dra (Get defeated by an Etherian that is using a Pizza skin)
    • Oinkoin/Moneyhog/Swinance (Complete a daily task)
    • Terroot/Geminirt/Gaiarth (Teach a monster a new attack)
    • Munstorm/Pharavil (Collect a dirty tomato)
    • Atlantitan (Find and Collect Pizza Atlantitan)
    • Jardrix/Jarantula (Code Exclusive, releases March 23rd)
    • Ribbomb/Frodiary/Detoadnate (Code Exclusive, releases March 27th)
    • Florafluff (Code Exclusive, releases March 30th)
  • New game logo artwork by BluefireMochi
  • Legendaries spawn 30% faster than normal for this event only
  • Added correct “Idea” credit for Lockspectre, Solareign, and Atlantitan
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • New Monster: Atlantitan [TITAN CLASS LEGENDARY]
    • Atlantitan is our first new legendary monster since Monsters of Etheria launched. It is a titan class legendary, just like Ignititan.
  • New Artwork: Type icons, crate images, item images
    • Type icons and Crate images are brand new, courtesy of BluefireMochi. Item images are now higher resolution, and have been re-sized.
  • New Interaction Framework
    • The beach elevator no longer operates based on saying phrases in chat. Instead, you can find a button hidden near the beach that will raise and lower the elevator. There is also a button inside the elevator as well as inside the power plant. This change was something I wanted to do for a long time, but also was necessary because Console players cannot chat, so they couldn’t access Zarc’s quest to obtain Watchbot without help from a PC/Mobile user. This interaction framework is also being used for all NPCs (Quests + Chex) as well as map interaction events (Cave Smoke, Lab Fire, Sleeping Pheracle).
  • New Dialogue Framework
    • The dialogue system has been completely re-worked. The old system would display blue-green text and the top of the screen, and possibly give yes/no buttons to respond. The new system is cleaner, appears in a box at the bottom of the screen, includes the name of who/what you are interacting with, and allows for varied responses (your response could be “Thanks!” instead of “Yes”). All NPCs (Quests + Chex) as well as map interaction events (Cave Smoke, Lab Fire, Sleeping Pheracle) use this framework.
  • Energy Orbs are no longer affected by the golden orb and prestige EXP bonus.
  • Energy Orbs now give exactly as much EXP needed to level up, and include a notification for clarity.
  • Energy Orbs have been added to the shop!
  • Modified Ignititan’s base stats
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • New Monsters: Minnart, Sperish, Harfin
  • New Abilities: Water Cycle, Faux Harpoon
  • “Monsters” are now known as “Etherians”
  • “Etherian” has been renamed “Explorer”
  • Fixed Flying on Console
    • To fly, use the move by first hitting the Right Trigger. Then, hold down the Right Bumper to fly forwards. Move your camera to change directions.
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): [ASV2] Attack System V2, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Guilds
  • New Monster: Solareign
  • New Abilities: Solar Absorption, Branching Antlers
    • Solar Absorption increases damage in the day, but decreases damage at night
    • Branching Antlers has a chance to inflict the Bleeding status effect when hitting an opponent with a contact attack
  • New Item: Solar Dewdrop
    • Solar Dewdrops spawn near the forest and can be bought in the shop. When used, they restore 30 hp.
  • Added Status Effect “Bleeding”
    • Bleeding takes 2% of your health per turn for 5 turns (total of 10% health loss)
  • Whenever a new official background artwork is made (such as the ones seen on the teleportation screen), they are guaranteed to appear in the teleport screen for the next 2 days
  • Lucifyce has been nerfed (-20 Base Speed)
  • Optimization changes (Client no longer loads the dictionary for the entire monster Base Stat list)
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): Guilds, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, [ASV2] Attack System V2
  • Valentines Event has now ended
  • New Monster: Lucifyce
  • New Ability: Frozen Over
  • Group Auto-Promotion bot has been fixed!
    • Join the game to be ranked up from Citizen to Trainer
    • Obtain every monster in the game to be ranked up to Expert
    • Prestige every monster in the game to be ranked up to Champion
    • The bot triggers when you either join the game and load your data, obtain a new monster, rank a monster up to level 100, or prestige a monster
  • PS: Updates over the next few weeks may only include a new monster/monster line, as we are focusing a lot more on the new Attack System :slight_smile:
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): Guilds, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, [ASV2] Attack System V2
  • Valentines Day Event!
    • Runs from February 9th until February 16th
    • You can obtain 5 exclusive “Lovely” skins:
    • Lovely Honumb [Use Headbutt on Honey Trees to discover and obtain a Lovely Honumb (and a jar of delicious Honey!)]
    • Lovely Florafluff [After collecting 25 of each color Heart (Red/Purple/Magenta), use Honey in the flower field to attract a Lovely Florafluff]
    • Lovely Munstorm [Reap the benefits of the Blood Moon (PS: This requires your monster to be under level 100)]
    • Lovely Cryoball [Charm a monster of the opposite gender]
    • Lovely Eletoid [Restart the life of any monster]
  • Using Headbutt on Honey Trees now has a small chance to give you Honey.
  • “Chinese Oinkoin” skin has been renamed “Oriental Oinkoin” and the models have been redone
  • Codes now ignore spaces/tabs before and after the code
    • This means that “AdCrates”, " AdCrates", and "AdCrates " are all valid
  • Stat stage decay time has been changed
    • Instead of always taking 50 seconds to wear off, the decay time now scales depending on how many stages the user has
  • Background artwork during teleport screen is now randomized
    • There are currently 5 possible backgrounds, more will be added over time
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): Guilds, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Attack System V2
  • New Monsters: Jarantula [Jardrix Mutation], Maltion [Avien Mutation]
  • New Ability: Worldly Antithesis [Has a chance to temporarily increase jump height by 75% upon hitting an opponent]
  • Avien is now a Wind/Cosmic type
  • Avien’s stats have been nerfed
  • Avien’s ability “Hover” has been changed to “Worldly Antithesis”
  • The effect of the ability Extraterrestrial has been changed
  • Magnet Rise now multiplies jump height by x2 instead of x1.85
  • Modifications to Umbris’s appearance (changed feet, re-aligned back spikes)
    • This is because people kept relating it to Necrozma. They are completely unrelated - this is not a Pokemon game.
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): Guilds, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Attack System V2
  • Official Mutation Artwork release
    • All mutations now have official mutation artwork instead of pictures of the mutation models. Artwork by Bluefiremochi.
  • Code week! Every day from now until next update, we will be releasing a new code!
    1/26: [EXPIRED] FirstCodeWeek2019 [8 Regular Crates]
    1/27: [EXPIRED] DayTwoLoot2019 [5 Creation Crates]
    1/28: [EXPIRED] FreeDayThree2019 [3 Self Crates]
    1/29: [EXPIRED] DayFoDough2019 [Rich Spectrability]
    1/30: [EXPIRED] FifthDayCash2019 [400 Credits]
    1/31: [EXPIRED] SelfAbsorbedSix2019 [5 Self Crates]
    2/01: [EXPIRED] ChineseNewYear2019 [Chinese Oinkoin]
  • Bug Fixes
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): Guilds, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster, Attack System V2
  • New Monsters: Crimortar, Outlannon
  • New Ability: Scorched Missile
  • Particles in monsters are now affected by the skin system
  • Shutdown message will now give information about official shutdowns (instead of saying Unspecified)
  • Fixed an issue where monster/item pickup notifications wouldn’t run properly
  • Leftover admin music is now automatically stopped when the staff member leaves the server
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): Official Mutation Artwork, Guilds, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster
  • New Monsters: Lyxic, Prowlyx, Miscrelyx
  • New Ability: Sharpened Blade
  • Display Models are now animated
  • After waking up from Sleep, you are given the “Well Rested” tag for 30 seconds. While “Well Rested”, you cannot be put to sleep.
  • Improvements to how the in-game Friend List works
  • Fixed Ice Shard
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): Guilds, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster
  • The “Winter Holidays” event has ended
  • New Monster: Chambrr
  • Improved Teleportation System to be more secure
    • Uses “SetTeleportGui” to ensure that the teleport screen is set before teleportation
    • Also gives you the teleport status at the top of the screen while teleporting
  • Reintroduced “Elusive” skins
    • These are extremely rare “trophy” skins
  • Tier 2 skins (Exotic, Elusive) no longer affect Tier 1 skins that aren’t Normal (Spooky, Festive, PBDay)
  • The Exotic skin is now considered a global skin on the backend
  • Fixed an issue with PBDay Maguca’s hat in the secondary Idle animation
  • BIG PROJECTS (WIP): Guilds, Tournament Mode, Map Remaster
  • Monsters of Etheria is now available on console! There are certainly many things that still need to be fixed and improved. We greatly appreciate any help with issues over the course of the next few months as we make the console experience better. :slight_smile:
  • New monster: Florafluff
  • New ability: Floral Power
  • Traits tab now gives credit for 4 processes instead of 2:
    • Idea - The person who came up with the design for the monster. This is almost always the Modeler unless it was originally fanart.
    • Model - The person who built the model for the monster.
    • Rig - The person who rigged the model for the monster. This process turns the model into a character that you can morph into.
    • Anim - The person who animated the monster.
      Note that while these only have one name beside each, some monsters may have had collaboration by multiple people (such as 2 people for the animations).
  • Freeze status effect now caps at 30 seconds (instead of endless)
  • Burn status effect now caps at 8 hits (instead of endless)
  • Poison status effect now caps at 8 hits (instead of endless)
    • Map is very snowy
    • Town is decorated for the holidays
    • During this event, you have the ability to obtain 5 exclusive “Festive” skins for the following monsters:
    • Festive Boxling [Collect a present that spawns randomly on the map]
    • Festive Jardrix [Redeem the code (releases 12/25/18)]
    • Festive Lullafairy [Level up while in a golden aura]
    • Festive Teap [Redeem the code (releases 1/1/19)]
    • Festive Ignititan [Find and collect Festive Ignititan (40% chance to spawn)]
  • Power boosting items!
    • Every day, either 2 or 3 items appear in the shop. They can be purchased for 200 credits each. When held, the items boost attack power by 20%.
    • The items change based on the day of the week, so make sure you come back daily if you want to collect all 18!
  • Slight redesign to town stores.
    • Stores are now opened based on distance from the store instead of a Touched event.
    • Store names are no longer decals so that they can be properly translated to other languages.
  • Cry button (music notes) in bottom left toolbar has been hidden until it serves an actual purpose.
  • Quiver Dance now stuns for 2.5 seconds instead of 4 seconds.
  • IN-PROGRESS: Console Port
  • IN-PROGRESS: Guilds
  • New monsters: Snik, Seren, Secton
  • New quest: “An EGGciting Quest” with Anna.
    This quest used to be in P. Fighters EX, and has been brought back as the quest giver that rewards Snik.
  • New item: Monster Egg [Quest Item]
  • The Torn Dimension now has a special yellow orb at the end of it. Standing near this orb boosts your EXP gain rate by 25%.
  • Type Matchups display has been added to Traits Menu
    Weaknesses/Resistances show the multiplier that is applied to damage when an attack with a specific type is used against that monster.
    For example, Irasper has a x1.125 weakness to Fire, which means it takes x1.125 damage from fire type attacks.
    On the other hand, Irasper has a x0.75 resistance to Grass, which means it takes x0.75 damage from grass type attacks.
  • Watchbot line is now Metal/Electric type. They have all received slight stat changes.
  • Watchbot, Roboneer, Raditron, and Ignititan are now considered “Genderless” monsters.
  • “Cosmic Power” has been changed from Psychic type to Cosmic type
  • “Rain Dance”, “Sunny Day”, and “Hail” all now share a global 30 second cooldown. This means that using one of the moves automatically activates their cooldowns for everybody else in the server.
    There was already a global cooldown before, but you could still use a Weather-changing move before the cooldown ended (however, it wouldn’t do anything).
  • “Quiver Dance” now only raises 1 stat out of NRG, RES, and SPD instead of all 3.
  • IN-PROGRESS: Console Port
  • IN-PROGRESS: Power-boosting items
  • IN-PROGRESS: Singularity Gemstone
  • Implemented 4 new forms for Mabiki:
    Mabiki (Warrior)
    - Boosted Attack stat
    - Signature ability (Warrior’s Spirit)
    Mabiki (Shaman)
    - Boosted Resistance stat
    - Signature ability (Shaman’s Spirit)
    Mabiki (Archer)
    - Boosted Energy stat
    - Signature ability (Archer’s Spirit)
    Mabiki (Defender)
    - Boosted Defense stat
    - Signature ability (Defender’s Spirit)
    Each of these forms has additional moves suited for its specialty stat.
  • All monster morphs now use the new “Massless” and “RootPriority” properties to increase stability of rigs.
  • IN-PROGRESS: Console Port
  • IN-PROGRESS: Power-boosting items
  • IN-PROGRESS: The Singularity Gemstone
  • Introduced random “Blood Moon” events. During a Blood Moon, killing other players rewards x2 EXP. This currently has no other effect.
  • New skins: Spatial, Temporal, Celestial
    Spatial and Temporal are new skins introduced to the Creation Crate
    Celestial can be obtained by getting all 5 Creation Crate skins for a monster
  • New monsters: Pheracle
  • New items: Arcoine
  • Added “Sleeping Pheracle” to the map
  • Every monster now has 2+ abilities.
  • New abilities:
    Drowsy [Sleep caused by this monster lasts longer.]
    Pessimism [Attacks against opponents with the Optimism ability deal more damage.]
    Optimism [Attacks against opponents with the Pessimism ability deal more damage.]
    Fortune [This monster has an increased critical hit chance at full health.]
    Flimsy Mask [By hiding its face, this monster takes less damage from Light type attacks.]
    Laser Sight [Focused lasers in this monsters eyes allow it to spot weak points, reducing the chance of varied damage.]
    Magician’s Hat [This monster cannot be confused. Setting this monster to sleep confuses the opponent.]
    Defensive Stance [This monster takes less damage from punches.]
    Fiery Gaze [Damage-dealing fire type attacks may also lower the opponent’s Speed temporarily.]
    Conjuring Rites [Status effects have a chance to be reflected back to the opponent.]
    Blinded [Due to its blindness, this monster has an increased chance of varied damage.]
    Toxic Gaze [Damage-dealing poison type attacks may also lower the opponent’s Speed temporarily.]
    Pharaoh’s Storm [Boosts speed by one stage temporarily upon defeating an opponent.]
    Enchanted Weaving [Attacks against Dark type opponents deal more damage.]
    Savory Steam [Smoky attacks last longer.]
    Extraterrestrial [This monster deals less damage against Cosmic type opponents.]
    Fiery Spirit [Burns caused by this monster lasts longer.]
    Toxin Casing [Explosive attacks have a chance to inflict Poison.]
  • Click the “i” button in the top-right corner of a crate at Lucky Lotto to see the chances to obtain certain skins
  • Remodeled Mabiki
  • Movepools for Frodiary and Detoadnate have been modified.
  • The effects of abilities Vapor Guard, Flame Shield, and Blossom Cover have been modified.
  • “Oblivion” ability has been nerfed from x0 to x0.25.
  • Avien has been changed from Poison/Wind to Poison/Cosmic
  • Added “Solar Beam” to Ignititan’s movepool
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from becoming Etherians.
  • IN-PROGRESS: Console Port
  • IN-PROGRESS: Power-boosting items
  • New Monsters: Ribbomb, Frodiary, Detoadnate
  • New Artwork for items: Energy/Entropy/Quirky Orbs, Honey, Tea Cup
  • Removed certain Quest Items from the map
  • Fog now occurs naturally
  • Fog and Brightness are now tweened on the Server, but handled on the Client
  • In-Progress: Items that boost attack power by 15% when held
  • Bug fixes
  • Implemented official “Artist” staff position
  • Renamed “Boxer” to “Broxl” (mix of Box and Brawl) so that it has a unique name (instead of a dictionary word)
  • Changes to Fog to allow for new weather types (Fog and Dense Fog)
  • Corrosive skin now also changes “Metal” material type instead of just “SmoothPlastic”
  • Prepared Birthday Skin for Magu
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Exotics to only spawn after one legitimately spawns
  • In-Progress: Items that boost attack power by 15% when held
  • In-Progress: Explosive Frog line
  • Move Tutor now allows you to view information about attacks (cooldown, power, type, etc)
  • Ability List is cleaner
  • Added 3 new monsters: Kindite, Sizzlit, Magmantle
  • Tweaked values of Reflective skin in order to make colors underneath the reflectancy more obvious
  • Added “Corrosive” Prestige-Tier skin. This skin requires 3 P-Tokens to obtain, which means you need to prestige 3 times on a monster to get enough tokens. The appearance of this skin may change in the future.
  • Lucky Lotto crates now have actual models that correspond to the type of crate you opened
  • Fixed an issue that duplicated the move “Tackle”. People who had the faulty version of tackle now have a move called “Forceful Bash”, which is a faster and stronger variation of Tackle.
  • 3 Spooky Skins are now unobtainable. The 2 code skins will remain obtainable until November 17th.
  • Possible fix to the issue where your camera would get stuck in sky. Please let me know if this continues to happen.
  • Made a change to monster display auto-loading to reduce memory usage.
  • Mutation list on Traits Menu now fits 3 mutation names instead of 2.
  • “Typing” category on Traits Menu now shows the names of the types.
  • New category on Traits Menu: “Class”. Classes tell you special information about what a monster is, which includes a change in the experience rate. This exp multiplier has always been active, it just wasn’t common knowledge.
  • Monsters and changing skins on the selection screen is now instantaneous.
  • Adjusted monster jump animations so that the transition from jumping to landing is smoother.
  • Increased spawn rate of Entropy, Energy, and Quirky Orbs.
  • Removed “FromPriorMutation” moves in favor of making all moves linear within the movepool.
  • Changed learnsets for some first and second mutation monsters in order to create a clear chain of progression in movepools. Mutating always introduces new attacks into the movepool at higher levels.
  • Base Stat changes to Avien, Skrimmrah, Electris, and Ghourien
  • Visual changes to Gaiarth
  • You can obtain 5 exclusive “Spooky” skins for Cryoball, Spidumbra, Terroot, Lullafairy, and Avien. This is for a limited time only.
  • Spooky Cryoball: Code Exclusive
  • Spooky Spidumbra: Prestige a monster (any monster)
  • Spooky Terroot: Inflict the Burned status to an opponent
  • Spooky Lullafairy: Defeat an opponent in the night
  • Spooky Avien: Code Exclusive
  • Bug Fixes
  • Nerfs + Buffs to Pharavil, Skrimmrah, and Teap line
  • Daily Tasks now show how long until a new task generates
  • Bug Fixes
  • Game Released

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