Etheria Changelog


This is the official changelog for Monsters of Etheria

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LATEST UPDATE (8/29/2023):

  • Ownership of the game has been transferred to the official group!
  • This solves many issues on our end. Expect some awesome new updates in the coming future!

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  • Receive an EXP bonus when playing with friends! (up to x1.25)
  • Improved animations to work when the game is transferred to the group
  • Emotes menu now only appears when using the Explorer
  • Redesigned topbar to take up less space and fit the Roblox icons better
  • Added Mobile Mouse Lock (appears in top right corner)
  • Chex will no longer ask to confirm Auto Prestige for Etherians above Prestige 10
  • Fixed an issue where the Choosing Menu music would briefly play when loading in with the Mute Audio setting enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the PlayerList would briefly appear while loading in
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a softlock in the “Your First Etherian” tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where lobby geometry could be briefly seen upon joining the game
  • Performance and memory improvements
  • New Code: SummerFun2023
  • Added a new setting to disable smoke effects in Roleplay Mode
    • This applies to Sandy Gale, Smokescreen, and Sweet Scent
  • Fixed visual bugs with the following Etherians: Warzerd, Roboneer, Lullafairy, Honumb, Ursweet, Avien, Maltion, Kousai, Flyden, Pixbee, Wanderwood, Vampyro, Nosfirno, Avalucard, Phesquerade
  • Added an icon when swapping between chunks to indicate the loading state
  • Upgraded ban system to improve flexibility and add support for temporary bans
  • Fixed an issue in the description for Honey
  • The Public Test Build has ended. Thanks to everybody who participated!
  • New Code: RoleplayExperiment2023
  • Public Test Build! [June 2nd - June 3rd]
    • We are experimenting with merging PVP and RP into one mode
    • The lobby has been removed, instead you load into the game immediately
      • The update log now appears on the Etherian choosing menu (subject to change)
    • This allows you to join specific servers directly from the Roblox website!
      • Because the website shows you which servers your friends are in, we have removed the in-game friends list
    • Before you spawn in, you are given the option to enable Roleplay mode
      • In Roleplay mode, you gain less experience but attacks won’t hurt you
      • Players in Roleplay mode have a green shield appear above their heads
    • We’ve also added “Combat Zones”, in which ALL players can be damaged by attacks (even Roleplayers)
      • The area around the EXP Orb is considered a Combat Zone. High risk, high reward!
    • Server size increased to 32 (was 26)
  • Toxic no longer deals knockback to players in Roleplay mode
  • Pain Split no longer affects players in Roleplay mode
  • Fixed “Human” ability (allows health regeneration everywhere)
  • New Code: SummerIsComing2023
  • Reverted to CustomPauseMode to fix falling out of private match arenas
  • Roleplay mode now tied directly to Players rather than PlaceId
    • Legendaries now have same base spawn rate in PVP and RP modes
    • Soon, we will experiment with merging PVP and RP into a single server. Stay tuned!
  • Upgraded save files to v1.03
    • Adds support for owning multiple of a specific skin
    • Adds support for multiple currency types
    • Cleans up old and unused artifacts
  • Vernal skins have entered the normal skin shop rotation
  • Upgraded to use TextChatService (instead of the Legacy chat system)
  • Upgraded to use PauseOutsideLoadedArea (instead of CustomPauseMode)
  • Improved group auto-promotion and game feedback web proxies
  • Various improvements and fixes
  • Last year’s Vernal skins have entered the skin shop and are on-sale for the month of April! Buy them while they’re cheap!
  • Use code SpringCheer2023 to receive 350 Credits!
  • Fixed an issue that broke animations on the Etherian choosing menu
  • Halloween Event has ended
  • Creepy skins have entered the normal skin shop rotation
💀 10/30/2022
  • Halloween Event
    • CODE: Halloween2022
    • The map has been decorated for the spooky season!
    • Unlock 4 exclusive “Ominous” skins!
    • Search the map to find 4 randomly generated codes. Codes contain 4 digits (e.g. “1234”).
    • Each code can be redeemed at the General Shoppe to unlock one of the following skins:
    • Ominous Behero: Take refuge underground
    • Ominous Wanderwood: I’m on top of the world!
    • Ominous Sketchop: Out of sight, out of mind
    • Ominous Silopsis: Who threw this away?
    • Collect one skin to unlock the “Ominous” title, and all 4 skins to unlock the “Dire Omen” title!
    • This event ends on November 12th, so act fast!
  • Halloween Sale
    • Last year’s Creepy skins have officially entered the skin shop!
    • All Eerie and Creepy skins are 33% off until November 12th. Buy them while they’re cheap!
  • Various parts of the map have been optimized to use level-of-detail and improve render batching
  • Fixed an issue where the store menu, painting menu, and card game menu could overlap with other menus
  • NEW CODE: Artsy2022
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Sketchop, Chromago
  • Added BW-Inverted skin for skinned meshes
  • Fixed issues with Inverted-Color skins for skinned meshes
  • Fixed an issue where BW & Inverted skins were dulled on skinned meshes
  • NEW CODE: Sakura2022
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Kitsakura, Aizune (Rose), Aizune (Violet)
  • Added Elusive skins for Kitsakura, Aizune (Rose), Aizune (Violet)
  • Added setting to hide all other nametags
  • Attacks no longer start reloading until the server has verified the attack
    • Includes lag compensation to make it even more accurate
    • This fixes an issue where an attack would do nothing after reloading
  • Almost every menu can now be closed with the B button on controller
  • Controller dot is now hidden when an attack isn’t selected
  • Fixed various issues with the map
  • NEW CODE: NewLogo2022
  • Added a new game logo!
  • Added new gamepass artwork
  • Improved Explorer spawning speed
    • After spawning once as an Explorer, every additional spawn should be faster
    • If you change your outfit, you may need to wait 60s before it updates in-game
  • Updated movepools for:
    • Spectrability + Lockspectre (Psybeam)
    • Behero + Beetherion (Bug Bite)
    • Spookims (Shadow Claw)
    • Scarims (Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Giga Drain)
    • Chambrr (Shadow Ball, Ice Beam)
    • Stolem + Golven (Protect)
    • Ramphibien (Bind, Take Down, Mega Punch, Flamethrower)
    • Avalucard (Flamethrower)
    • Wanderwood (Sleep Powder)
  • Made the Manor private match arena brighter
  • Fixed new clipping issues that began appearing on:
    • Lullafairy, Raditron, Eidlon, Aralon, Spectrability, Munstorm, Pharavil, Kettlerit, Potbrawler, Snik, Seren, Secton, Solareign, Kousai, Koutsuki
  • Fixed issues with the map
    • Patched a hole near the Haunted Mansion
    • Added a step inside the World Tree water pit to make it easier to jump out
    • Improved collisions inside the World Tree (easier to use projectiles)
  • Changed Wounded particle effect for compliance purposes
    • Particles now appear as exhaustion (smoke) instead of blood
    • Fixed description for Cutting Edge (it damages every 5s, not when you jump)
    • The damage-on-jumping effect may still be implemented in the future
  • Fixed an issue where tall avatars were shrunken down
  • Fixed an issue where Ability and Held Item would reset after respawning
  • EXP Orb Multiplier is no longer affected by players that are level 100
  • Roar no longer deals knockback in Roleplay mode
  • AutoPrestige is now disabled on Etherians that have not been prestiged yet
    • You will need to manually prestige to P1 to use AutoPrestige
    • This is to help prevent new players from accidentally prestiging
  • NEW CODE: SummerFun2022
  • Fixed abilities: Hardened, Sharpened
  • Fixed items: Vampiric Charm
  • Etherian AI beta coming soon(?)
  • Starry Spectrability has entered the Skin Shop and is on-sale for a limited time only! Buy it while it’s cheap!
  • Use code “Independence2022” to receive 400 Credits!
  • Fixed an issue that caused animations to lag
  • Added a button to choosing menu that selects a random unlocked Etherian
  • When using target selection moves, a highlight will be placed around your target
    • This affects: Disable, Mimic, Dream Eater, Plagiarize, Feint Attack, Encore, Endeavor
    • These attacks can no longer be used if you don’t have a target selected
  • Virtual Cursor is now automatically enabled when entering the choosing menu
  • Fixed an issue where Nametags used Username instead of DisplayName
  • NEW CODE: MidMay2022
  • Easter Event has ended
  • Bloom skins have entered the normal skin shop rotation
  • Attack System Upgrade: Entity Compatibility
    • The attack system has been refactored to use Entities instead of Players
    • This will allow us to add Boss Battles to the game!
  • Entities can now have more than 2 types
  • Increased size and speed of Stone Edge
  • Various updates for abilities: Heavy Hitter, Laser Sight, Blinded, Extraterrestrial, Conjuring Rites
  • Implemented ViewportModelClass by EgoMoose to improve viewport displays (skin shop, unlock notification)
  • Etherians without skins are no longer shown when negating a skin search (e.g. “!vernal”)
  • Updated Tarabi NPC (in Montana’s quest) to use a skinned mesh
  • Fixed an issue where the Freeze status effect could become too large
  • Fixed an issue where nametags became too large for certain Etherians
  • Fixed an issue where nametags wouldn’t move for skinned meshes
  • Fixed an issue where certain attacks faced the wrong way for skinned meshes
  • Fixed an issue where daily tasks could break by becoming NaN (not a number)
  • Fixed various issues with the map (such as holes and weird collisions)
🥚 4/30/2022
  • 2022 Easter Event!
    • This event will run from April 30th until May 14th.
    • Talk to Montana at the farm or Chex at the town to get started!
    • We are introducing 5 exclusive Vernal skins:
      • Vernal Watchbot [Find Montana’s 5 missing eggs]
      • Vernal Munstorm [Collect hay by using wind attacks on haystacks]
      • Vernal Eletoid [Fill the stone fountain with bird feed, found in some wells]
      • Vernal Salablinder [Grow a Vernic plant using seeds obtained from Montana]
      • Vernal Solareign [Use code “SpringCheer2022”]
    • Looking for Montana’s 5 eggs? Maybe these hints will help you:
      • Red Egg: Sometimes found during lava eruptions
      • Blue Egg: Go treasure hunting
      • Green Egg: Sometimes grows on berry bushes
      • Yellow Egg: Dig somewhere under the hot desert sun
      • Cyan Egg: Sometimes found frozen within an icicle
    • Collect one Vernal skin to unlock the “Vernal” title, and all 5 Vernal skins to unlock the “Floral Monarch” title!
    • All Bloom skins from 2021 are now available in the Skin Shop! For the duration of this event, they are 33% cheaper than normal. Buy them while they’re cheap!
  • Upgraded planting locations to allow for multiple plant options (Bone, Vernic Seeds)
  • You can now discard fully-grown plants from planting locations if your inventory is full
  • Time now starts at 8am instead of 2pm (when a server is created)
  • Updated dialogue to use MaxVisibleGraphemes for typewriter effect
  • Fixed an issue where multiple messages could appear in dialogue at once
  • Fixed an issue where dialogue would break for a short period of time if closed and opened within 0.5 seconds
  • Mobile players can now choose between thumbstick and dynamic thumbstick for movement controls
  • Mobile attacks are no longer used when selecting the thumbstick, jumping, or moving the camera
  • Added functionality to change controls during gameplay
    • For example, you can easily swap from a keyboard to a controller while playing
    • This should fix an issue where the game believed you were on the wrong platform
  • Enabled Virtual Cursor for controllers
    • Toggle the cursor by clicking the Select button on your controller
    • This has replaced the old controller selection system. Let us know how it feels!
  • Improved controller keybinds to make certain actions easier
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Growdy, Poladin
  • Updated sprites for: Growdy, Poladin
  • Fixed an issue where the character would not rotate while in first person mode
  • Fixed an issue where first person mode was inaccurate for skinned mesh Etherians
  • Fixed an issue causing first person mode to break after dying once
  • NEW CODE: QOLApril2022
  • Replaced old subchunk detection system with ZonePlus
    • The server has more authority, which will improve server-side subchunk detection (e.g. safe zones)
    • This fixes issues like the swamp vfx carrying into private matches
  • Upgraded chunk attribute system
    • Can dynamically add and remove chunks from attribute system
    • This fixes an issue where weather moves didn’t work in private matches
  • Private Server owners can now set weather using command “!weather [Weather]”
  • Store GUIs now use ZonePlus, and they automatically close when you walk out of range
  • Improved sound system to use TweenService when fading in/out music
    • This should fix an issue where multiple sounds could play at once
  • Wind type attacks now deal 25% more damage when the weather is Fog or Dense Fog
  • Fixed an issue where Fog and Dense Fog had no visual effect
  • Fixed an issue causing players to fall through private match arenas after teleportation
  • Fixed an issue where skinned mesh Etherians wouldn’t die if they glitched out of private match arenas
  • Enabled Opportunistic Streaming
    • This is a new Roblox feature that may improve framerate - tell us how it feels!
  • Rearranged various modules to improve initial loading times
  • NEW CODE: CodeOverhaul2022
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Eletoid, Electris, Ghourien
  • Updated sprites for: Eletoid, Electris, Ghourien
    • Fixed an issue causing previously updated sprites to revert
  • Upgraded framework to use Knit
    • This may break parts of the game. Please report any bugs you find via the Feedback feature!
  • Upgraded save system to use ProfileService
    • This upgrade will help to keep your data secure, among other benefits!
    • Old save files are automatically migrated to the new system when you play for the first time after this update.
  • Remade Update Log to improve UX
  • Removed Minimap from Teleport Hub
  • Removed “Getting Started” tutorial from Teleport Hub
    • The “Starter Pack” title is now awarded for joining the game, similar to the Welcome badge
  • NEW CODE: NewMeshes2022
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Florafluff, Cryoball, Cryoclops
    • Florafluff has been redesigned
  • Updated sprites for: Florafluff, Cryoball, Cryoclops, Jardrix, Jarantula
  • Gentle Dalladoodle and YOTOx Braybug have entered the normal skin shop rotation
  • Gentle Dalladoodle has entered the Skin Shop and is on-sale for a limited time only! Buy it while it’s cheap!
  • YOTOx Braybug has entered the Skin Shop and is on-sale for a limited time only! Buy it while it’s cheap!
  • Merry skins have entered the normal skin shop rotation
  • Use code “TwoTwo2022” to receive 2 Multi Crates!
  • The Merry skins have entered the Skin Shop and are on-sale for a limited time only! Buy them while they’re cheap!
  • Use code “HappyHolidays2021” to receive 1000 Credits! We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!
  • Creepy skin codes have expired
  • Eerie and BDay2020 Skins have entered the normal skin shop rotation
💀 11/17/2021
  • Introducing the Creepy skins! Use the following codes to unlock exclusive skins for 4 Etherians:
    • Creepy Jardrix: GetSpooked2021
    • Creepy Tarabi: VeryScary2021
    • Creepy Vacrunch: TrickOrTreat2021
    • Creepy Braybug: Halloween2021
    • These codes will expire in a few weeks, so use them while you can!
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Jardrix, Jarantula, Braybug, Equoon, Mulegant
  • Eerie & BDay2020 skins have entered the Skin Shop and are on-sale for a limited time only! Buy them while they’re cheap!
  • Fixed an issue with sending Feedback
  • NOTE: Creepy Mulegant’s particles are temporarily disabled due to a Roblox bug
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Clovurr, Botanicat, Tarabi, Tanukama
    • Botanicat and Tanukama have been redesigned
  • Updated sprites for: Carapinch, Clovurr, Botanicat, Elekity, Tesline, Tarabi, Tanukama
  • Sunshine Skins have entered the normal skin shop rotation
  • Upgraded item notification system
    • Items and Skin unlocks are no longer tied to the same notification queue, so they can both be displayed at the same time
    • Item notifications stack with eachother if multiple of an item are collected within a short time
    • Item notifications are less intrusive and can appear for multiple items at a time
  • Updated to Roblox’s new BubbleChat system
    • This includes a fix for bubbles not appearing above SkinnedMesh Etherian’s heads
  • Most melee moves used by SkinnedMesh Etherians now face forwards (except when swimming/climbing)
  • Using melee moves while swimming no longer causes your Etherian to sink
  • Fixed an issue where the amount displayed for a selected bag item wouldn’t update
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Elekity, Tesline
  • Updated movesets: Eletoid, Electris, Ghourien
  • Because it has been a year, all 8 Sunshine Skins have entered the Skin Shop! They are 33% cheaper for a limited time only!
  • The rainbow skin is now smooth for SkinnedMeshes! Additionally, this skin has been slightly optimized for performance.
  • Wing Attack can now break vases, shake coconut trees, and fulfill Amenby’s unlock requirement.
  • Polished animations for Carapinch, Elekity, and Tesline:
    • The transitions between their Swim / SwimIdle / Sit animations are much smoother now
    • Fixed an issue where their animations could bug when using a Torn portal
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Carapinch
    • We are working to update more Etherians to use SkinnedMeshes! You can take a peek at our progress in the Etheripedia here!
  • Nametags now use DisplayNames instead of Usernames
  • Added progress counter for burned trees in Snik’s unlock quest
  • Fixed an issue where the Rainbow skin overwrote the Inverted skin (now they can be used together again)
  • Fixed several issues around the map, including colors, holes, and unnecessary parts
  • Fixed an issue where a recent Roblox update caused the water to become fully transparent
  • Fixed an issue where some parts weren’t properly attached to Bloom Hawctus
  • Fixed an issue where Defog wouldn’t destroy Spikes and Toxic Spikes
  • Fixed an issue with some trees in the snow area having collidable leaves
  • Fixed an issue where Solar Beam would fire instantly in places not officially considered Chunks, like Private Matches
    • Also fixed an issue where Solar Beam would fire towards your first click instead of your mouse after the stun ends
  • Due to potential issues with copyright infringement, we have removed and replaced all music currently used in the game with APM Music provided by Roblox.
  • These new tracks are subject to change at any time as we figure out this issue and decide on whether we want to keep or swap out any of these new tracks.
  • More details on the entire situation will be released soon once we can make them available.
  • Our prior composer, who went by “Runetooth”, has been officially and permanently fired from the Monsters of Etheria team.
  • Links to the old soundtrack and credits to the original creators have been added to our attributions page, which can be found here: Monsters of Etheria Attributions
  • Spring Metaverse Event has ended
🥚 4/29/2021
  • Metaverse event!
    • From April 29th until May 7th, you can unlock Wren’s Week 3 Treasure Chest in Monsters of Etheria!
    • Leonard has returned with a new task: help him hunt down copyright-infringing works of his masterpiece: The Eggtherian!
    • Collect all 5 Eggtherians and return to Leonard to be rewarded with Wren’s Week 3 crate.
      • Red Eggtherian [Can be found near the town in the daytime. Rolls away from nearby players.]
      • Green Eggtherian [Can be found hiding in trees in the forest. Drops from trees when clicked.]
      • Blue Eggtherian [Can be found in the ice area. Freezes nearby players every few seconds.]
      • Yellow Eggtherian [Can be found in the desert. Surrounded by a dust devil.]
      • Purple Eggtherian [Can be found near the twilight manor in the nighttime. Rolls away from nearby players.]
    • While you’re at it, why not unlock a few exclusive skins from our annual Easter event? Completing the Metaverse event will award you with Bloom Cachick!
    • Explorers have increased walkspeed for the duration of the event
  • Easter event!
    • This year, we are introducing 5 exclusive Bloom skins for you to collect. These skins will be available from April 29th until May 15th.
      • Bloom Cachick [Collect all 5 colored Eggtherians.]
      • Bloom Crimortar [Find and collect fresh water from a well.]
      • Bloom Magmarva [Receive the Swarmed status effect when messing with wasp nests, and then escape the wasps using water.]
      • Bloom Kitsakura [Attracted to watered flowers.]
      • Bloom Phytotitan [Find and collect Bloom Phytotitan when it spawns.]
    • Collect one Bloom skin to unlock the “Bloom” title, and all 5 Bloom skins to unlock the “Blossom Zenith” title!
    • All Hunt skins from 2020 are now available in the Skin Shop. For the duration of this event, they are 33% cheaper than normal. Buy them while they’re cheap!
  • Stat Reworks (last batch for a while):
    • Stats will continued to be balanced, so everything here still subject to further changes
    • Format: HP/ATK/DEF/NRG/RES/SPD
    • Warzerd: 86/106/95/10/90/51 → 86/106/95/10/90/57
    • Eletoid: 45/15/15/55/45/45 → 35/40/25/40/25/35
    • Ghourien: 110/100/68/27/67/63 → 110/90/70/45/55/65
    • Electris: 65/33/28/110/92/107 → 65/45/55/110/70/90
    • Maguca: 75/83/63/115/89/105 → 66/78/68/116/94/108
  • A certain skin has appeared in the skin shop…
    • The rest of the Hunt skins will be available for purchase within a week or two
  • Easter Event is targeted for roughly 2 weeks from now (although it may be released sooner). This may seem late, but we are aiming for mid-late April for reasons we cannot share yet.
  • Due to changes in the developer’s circumstances, we are no longer guaranteeing weekly updates. This has been removed from the game description. For the next few weeks we will still try to release updates each Saturday, but after April things will be up-in-the-air.
  • Bug fixes? Nope. No bug fixes this week. Sorry.
  • Did you fall for our April Fools joke this year? Regardless, make sure to use code AprilFools2021 for 2 Multi Crates. We promise this code isn’t a joke, too!
  • Stat Reworks:
    • Stats will continued to be balanced, so everything here still subject to further changes
    • Format: HP/ATK/DEF/NRG/RES/SPD
    • Maguca: 69/79/70/118/89/105 → 75/83/63/115/89/105
    • Mabiki(Warrior): 90/110/60/25/45/90 → 90/110/60/20/60/80
    • Hawctus: 80/82/92/51/81/70 → 80/85/92/43/81/75
    • Avalucard: 85/93/53/91/85/55 → 80/93/53/91/80/65
  • Reverted change to !sit command
    • This will make it unstable in some cases, but there shouldn’t be any cases of teleporting into the ground now
  • PS: New Etherians and Easter Event are coming soon!
  • Stat Reworks:
    • Stats will continued to be balanced, so everything here still subject to further changes
    • Format: HP/ATK/DEF/NRG/RES/SPD
    • Behero: 32/55/35/15/29/55 → 38/55/40/15/29/41
    • Beetherion: 53/95/77/65/67/95 → 65/95/88/52/67/85
    • Maltion: 42/51/54/110/79/98 → 51/55/58/93/79/88
    • Harfin: 55/98/52/87/51/102 → 55/98/61/87/56/102
    • Chromago: 70/67/68/67/68/70 → 74/59/59/59/59/70
  • Fixed an issue that cause the Feedback system to break
    • Changes to the avatar thumbnail URL on Roblox’s end prevented feedback from being sent to properly
  • Other various bug fixes
  • PS: Look forward to a new Etherian line coming soon!
  • 1.5x EXP WEEKEND!
    • Until Monday March 22nd, earn 50% more EXP while playing the game!
    • This bonus affects passive EXP gain and EXP gained by fighting other players!
  • Swapped ability “Drowsy” on Spectrability and Lockspectre with “Luck of the Draw”
    • Spectrability and Lockspectre currently cannot inflict the Sleep status, which means that Drowsy was completely useless
  • Fixed an issue that could cause abilities affecting status effects to not work properly
    • This may affect the abilities: Fiery Spirit, Volt-Up, Potent Venom, Drowsy, Flashy
  • No new content this week
  • Use code “MidMarch2021” to get 3 Multi Crates
  • “Order of the Speed Demon” has been changed to “Order of the Swift Serpent” to be a bit more unique and hold less religious connotations
  • Changed dialogue for Saiph’s questline so that it builds towards the conclusion better
    • The quests no longer mention trying to “lure” a Secton out from hiding: instead, his first 3 quests help him acquire the Key of Sloth, which he then gives you in the 5th quest
    • This implies that Saiph has been aware of the Snik Egg in the Idle Crypt for a while, and his entire main questline is specifically about reaching it now
  • Progress to start updating translations with new entries again
  • Various, small bug fixes
  • All Code Week codes are now expired
  • YOTRat and Caring skins have entered the normal Skin Shop rotation for their normal price
  • Removed the dome above the golden orb in the Torn Dimension. This should help to open up the area and make it harder to hide while still in-range of the orb. The area is meant to be a KotH zone, and future changes will continue to push for that
  • Various, small bug fixes
  • Started looking into upcoming data migration for the save system, once upgraded DataStores are released
    • This will potentially lead to the ability for us to add a trading system in the future
❤️🧧 2/13/2021
  • Code Week! Our 3rd official code week includes 4 Crate codes, 1 Credit code, and 2 codes for a LNY and Valentine skin! Play the game daily to make sure you redeem all 7 codes!
    • February 13th: CodeWeekFeb2021 [5 Regular Crates]
    • February 14th: DayTwoSwag2021 [3 Creation Crates]
    • February 15th: DayThreeTreasure2021 [2 Multi Crates]
    • February 16th: DayFourRiches2021 [500 Credits]
    • February 17th: Valentines2021 [Gentle Dalladoodle]
    • February 18th: FinalFortune2021 [3 Multi Crates]
    • February 19th: LunarNewYear2021 [YOTOx Braybug]
  • YOTRat and Caring skins have entered the Skin Shop and are on-sale for the duration on the Code Week. Buy them while they’re cheap!
  • Mountains around lighthouse are no longer decreased quality on Mobile
  • Fixed some issues with collisions on the map
  • PSA: New updates may be smaller than usual. We have entered active development of ASV2, which will take up the majority of development time.
    • To talk a little bit more about why we are devoting time to ASV2: the current state of the game leaves a lot to be desired from real and active gameplay. A lot of time is spent being “AFK” while passively leveling up Etherians to reach high levels or prestige. We want to work towards a more active form of gameplay, where the reward for actively playing the game is greater than the reward for staying AFK to level up.
    • ASV2 will be the first major step to this goal. Once ASV2 has been added, we will have the ability to create enemy NPCs that can be fought as well as a Boss Battle system.
    • Because ASV2 is a ground-up rewrite of the entire Attack System, it will require a lot more time in development before we can release it. That’s why there will still be new weekly updates, but they will (probably) be smaller than normal.
  • When selecting mutations in the Traits menu, their models now appear. Then, you can go to the Skins menu and swap skins to see what they look like on mutations!
  • You can now drag Etherians on the choosing screen to rotate them (only on PC and Mobile, no Console support yet)
  • Explorer improvements in choosing screen: accessories are now applied, R15/RThro scaling is applied, and idle animation now plays (changes depending on your avatar’s Idle animation)
  • Added terms “level [number]” and “prestige [number]” to choosing menu search bar (i.e. “level 50” will show all Etherians at level 50, and “prestige 0” will show all Etherians at prestige 0)
  • You can now use characters “!” and “/” in the choosing menu search bar to negate search terms (i.e. “!level 100” will show all Etherians that aren’t level 100)
  • Updated command script for efficiency, and to fix an issue where roles with the same command would activate the command multiple times when used
  • The !sit command now moves your character downwards (if possible), which should help prevent you from falling over
  • The Ashen Church at Phoenix Gaze Village is now considered a Safe Zone (originally intended to be one)
  • Moved interact prompt for EXP Orb to center of orb, and decreased the radius that it shows up in
  • Updated CollisionFidelity and RenderFidelity for objects around the map to help boost performance
  • Remodeled the mountains around the lighthouse area to fix issues causing lag and improve the overall area aesthetic
  • Fixed an issue where prestiging an Etherian on the choosing menu would cause it to break the search bar
  • Fixed an issue where “Dig Spots” could no longer be interacted with after the interaction system overhaul
  • Fixed an issue where using the Axe on trees that are on fire would give Wood without actually cutting the tree down
  • Fixed an issue where cutting down trees with beehives would cause the beehives to float in the air
  • Beehives now disappear when the tree they are attached to gets burned down
  • Cleaned up animations on choosing screen so there is less of a “jump” in the animation when switching between Etherians/skins
  • PSA: LNY and Valentine’s skins coming soon!
  • PSA 2: The mountains around the lighthouse area on Mobile devices are temporarily decreased in quality until Roblox fixes a critical bug with meshes
  • New Etherians: Vacrunch, Bascurus
  • New Ability: Event Horizon [Hitting an opponent with a physical attack causes them to be Grounded and have halved jump height for 15 seconds. While Grounded, Wind-type Etherians can be hit by Ground-type attacks!]
  • Interact System revamp
    • Roblox recently released a new version of interactions called ProximityPrompts
    • We have updated the game to use ProximityPrompts instead of the old, custom interaction system
    • This gives us access to several new features (i.e. hold for 0.5 seconds to open a Barrel) and should hopefully be more efficient than the old Interaction system!
    • There’s a high possibility that some Interactions don’t work properly anymore. Please use the Feedback feature to let us know if you find any issues!
  • New Items: Axe, Wood
  • Bag Upgrade: Added “WorldSelection”
    • WorldSelection allows the user to specifically select Items that can interact with the world
    • For example, the player can Select the “Empty Vial” in their Bag. This starts the WorldSelection sequence
    • Then, the player can either click on the Terrain Water or Lava to bottle it up, creating a Vial of Water or a Vial of Magma, respectively!
    • If you’re on Console, you can use the Right Trigger to select items in the world, and the B button to end WorldSelection
  • Interaction System v2 (Beta)
    • The portals in the game lobby, where you can join either a RP or a PVP server, now use the new ProximityPromptService by Roblox
    • This system will replace the current interaction system in the game in an upcoming update
    • It is expected to be a lot more efficient, give us more functionality, and cause less lag overall!
  • Added item images for Sleigh Bells, Walnut (Shell), Walnut, Snowball, Ornament, Peppermint Tome, Mistlefoe, and Walnut Shield
    • Special thanks to Likey2003 for getting these finished!
  • Bag now defaults to ID sort, which means that items will be sorted from Oldest-added to Newest-added. This means that new items should be at the very end of the bag by default now!
    • You can click the “ABC” button in the bag to return to Alphabetical sorting, which was the old default. This change was made because it can be hard to find newer items that haven’t been given item images yet
  • Added a “Can Select” filter to bag
    • When enabled, any items that have the ability to use WorldSelection will appear: for now, this is just the Axe and Empty Vials
  • Renamed “Shelled Walnut” to “Walnut (Shell)”, because shelled walnuts are actually walnuts with their shells removed
  • Removed “Twisted Tree” crafting station
    • With the addition of Wood as an item, the Enchanted Lumber recipe has been modified accordingly
    • Now, Enchanted Lumber requires a piece of Wood and can be crafted from anywhere around the map!
    • This change was primarily because we realized the “Twisted Tree” crafting station didn’t make much sense, and was especially difficult for newer players to figure out
  • Fixed issues where several spawnpads clipped into walls (which potentially spawns players/items out-of-bounds)
  • Fixed an issue where the healthbar would appear full after mutating, even if the player did not have full health
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse would be stuck in the middle of the Death Screen if you died while fully zoomed-in
  • Fixed an issue where the sprites in the Crafting interface used the full item images instead of the actual sprites, which caused issues with memory consumption
  • Fixed an issue where the full item image in the Bag didn’t use a placeholder image if the actual item image didn’t exist yet
  • Other various bug fixes
  • Winter Holiday event has ended. We hope you enjoyed it!
  • 2019 Jolly Skins have entered the normal skin shop rotation, and the 33% sale has ended
  • Snowballs, Wisp of Life Essences, and Soul Fragments are all now given even if you die when collecting them
  • Updated Rainbow skin code
    • The transition between colors should appear a lot smoother than before
    • The Rainbow effect is now active on the ChoosingMenu when previewing skins
    • The new system was written pretty quickly, so it may have issues. Let us know if you find any problems!
  • Fixed an issue where 2 sets of buttons would appear for each Etherian on the choosing menu
  • Fixed an issue where SkinnedMesh models would keep their texture while mutating (causing them to not be completely black/white)
  • Temporary fix for an issue with SkinnedMesh models and the “Rainbow” skin
    • We can’t completely fix Rainbow skins because it’s an issue with Roblox itself, they know about the bug and are in the process of fixing it
    • For now, the Rainbow skin just swaps between color skins once a second without smoothly transitioning between the colors
    • Whenever the color changes, you’ll notice the entire model flicker for a second: this is the reason we disabled the Rainbow skin
  • PS: Presents will return in the future (to collect ornaments and shelled walnuts) once we fully fix the issue with presents causing lag
❄️ 1/2/2021
  • Added (early) version of fullscreen map
    • You can open the map by opening the minimap and clicking the magnifying glass icon
    • The map currently allows you to drag it around and (only on PC currently) zoom in
    • There is currently a waypoint set to the Town, and in an upcoming update you will be able to set your own waypoints
    • Waypoints will also appear on the minimap in an upcoming update
    • Mobile compatibility is about 50% complete, and console compatibility is questionable (but being worked on)
  • Added new crafting recipes to Peppermint Tome:
    • Frosted Snowglobe (boosts defensive stats by 30% while it’s snowing)
    • Laurel Crown (cannot be frozen, grass-types take less damage from ice-type attacks)
  • Walnut Shield now nullifies the effect of the ability Endothermic when equipped
  • Item images for all new items added in the event will be added in an upcoming update
  • Another possible fix for the “present lag” issue, please use the Feedback feature to let us know if you still experience lag when opening presents

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