EventBlocks Devlog 5 | Making a visual scripting plugin in Roblox

Hello devs!

This is the 5th devlog of my plugin EventBlocks. I’ve fixed a ton of bugs, and added some new blocks. Let me show some!

The ‘Players’ category:

  • Contains 2 new events:
  • Contains 2 new blocks:
    Important: these blocks can only be attached to the blocks shown in the picture, they are special!
  • 3 new values:

I’ve redesigned the blocks.


With that little hole on the top, it makes more sense to snap them together. Of course, events don’t have that.

We have 2 new movement blocks:
They both move the part relatively to their rotation.
(I forgot to add a ‘go up’ block, oops!)
If you want to move something backwards or left, you can just enter a negative number into these blocks:

I’ve added loops!
We have a forever loop:
(for programmes wondering, it has a task.wait() built in by default, there will be an option to disable it!)

And the repeat loop:

You can also stop (break) loops.

At last, we have a ‘Never’ event, which obviously never runs. It’s useful to put away blocks you may need touse again!


The plugin will be free for an unknown amount of time, but after that it will cost 50-100 robux.
If you don’t want to miss a free copy, tell in the replies if you want to be tagged about devlogs and the release!

Tagged people:
@BandaidKidd, @zCrxtix, @BotGabrielquintasYT, @EOASTUDIO

Have a good day!


for PlayerJoined you should force them to have the player, it would be more confusing to have to place 2 blocks to get the player

Yeah, I was thinking about that, but in that case you would have to have two empty events to make ‘last joined player’ and ‘last left player’ work. That’s not good either, so I guess this makes sense!

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just link those with the OnPlayerAdded and OnPlayerRemoving event

That’s sadly not that easy as it seems. The current system might not support that. But I’ll try to do it and you’ll see in the next devlog if I’ve managed to make it!

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Sigh, I’m the kind of guy who’s too dumb to learn coding… guess I’ll be the guy who’ll use it the most. For my main project it’s a strategic sandbox as complicated as clash of clans and Polytopia, so my coder partner will deal with it, but for example a simple bridge siege battle game I think this would be perfect for me :sob:

I think we’ve already discussed this under the previous devlog. This plugin will be able to handle complex games as well!

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wow that will really help people! That will totally be worth 50+ robux

Yes I think that too! The price is not sure yet, but probably 50+ robux. It will be free for an unknown amount of time.


That’s an example.
I do seriously love your idea, but to make complex games, maybe we’ll need 20 thousand blocks, at that time what’s the difference between normal coding? Just keep it simple, your goal isn’t complexity, but something extremely easy to use.

This does remind me of the way scratch introduces programming through blocks

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Yes, it’s exactly that, but In Roblox!

If something is simple, it doesn’t mean you can’t make complex thing with it.
Just look at scratch. They literally make 3d engines in it, online multiplayer platformers and so much more. EventBlocks will be able to do everything normal Lua can (once it’s released), and even it it’s a 5 thousand blocks, you can still make a complex game with it. Of course it’s going to be hard, but for someone who already reached that far it will be easier.

You are too skeptic about this project. If you keep think it’s not possible to do complex games just don’t reply, because it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE, just hard.

It will not. If it could, there will be at least 10000+ different blocks, making it as complicated as normal LuaU.

I’m the one who currently knows what his plugin is capable of. If you think it’s not capable of making complex things wait until it’s released and then use your imagination to make anything you can do in LuaU.

Also, there will be a ‘lua’ block for those who know some lua. It will literally be just a textbox and a label. So if you can’t do something, and you’re lazy to make a request, you can write the lua code yourself.

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this has turned into scratch in roblox, but on a serious note, you’ve been doing a great job lately! keep it up

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I think it should be around 100 robux, considering the tools it gives you. The only issue is the Roblox community. People get harrassed for making plugins that are barely any robux, 200-400 robux, while that’s an extremely fair price for a plugin. Anyways, you are doing a great job on this!

And that’s why it will be free at first. Also I might make sales, when it costs maybe half as much and things like that. I think it will be cheaper than a 100 though.

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I’m just saying that the next devlog may be late because I’m facing new bugs that are mostly visual but cause things look glitched.
I’m dealing with them slowly but after they are eliminated I’ll post a devlog about the new features. (spoiler: translations, they are causing most of the bugs)

10000+ blocks? Thats a massive exaggeration. Definitely at most 400 blocks.