EventCode BETA | Code without coding!

Well, no. Even a 24 years old can struggle with learing to code. It’s different for everybody. Somebody can learn to code when he is 9 years old, somebody can’t learn it even if he’s 24. I don’t know why you think coding is so easy. It’s hard to understand server-client communication, datastores, properties, functions, syntax, explorer, cycles, errors, etc.

Next time please think for a moment before you criticize anything.


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I’ve always thought to myself if you can code with sentences or something more simple and had no idea why I’ve not seen this post until now. This is a huge benefit for solo builders, I’ll be watching this topic for now lol

Imagine the massive loss of hiring scripters after this finishes tho :joy:

I was not saying that you can learn coding in like 5 days and its so easy, i was saying that there is not a age limit/older people can do it better.

This seems like an awesome plugin, unfortunately, I might not use it myself but I have some friends that might.

Idk why, but it reminds me of the AOE2 scenario editor’s Trigger/Action system, (if anyone knows what that is, congrats).

Keep up the great work!

Wow, this is like the blueprint in UE

This reminds me of DOOM 2016 logic scripting.

Anyways cool resource!

You’re very right, the best way to learn something is to experience with that thing!

It’s really nice and simplistic! Keep on the great work, and keep expanding!

A M A Z I N G! :slight_smile: This is gonna help me so much.

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This is Good for People wants to Learn Lua Programming, Especially to the Minors that wants to be a Developer like their Idols. Like @Alvin_Blox

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Thank you so much! Glad you like it! Please keep in mind that this plugin only knows very simple things.

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I find this really cool. This reminds me of Scratch because in my school they force you to make these crappy scratch projects and this reminds me a LOT of it.


Does it work on gui?cuz I need to work on my gui

No it doesn’t work on gui. It’s kinda complicated.

Awww hmm okay then I’ll experiment with workspace thingy

You should consider adding GUI support, it’s one of the easiest things to script which people with no scripting knowledge have to hire others for.


it would be cool if you added support for tools too

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Hello everyone!
I’ve been getting notifications from here. I would like to say that EventCode is cancelled. A new project took place with the name EventBlocks that takes a brand new approach.


right, wrong post sorry LOL (30char)


Is this the BETA Version of Event Block? Or maybe not?

Edit: Oh ok I have the answer with this post:

That’s what I thought.