Experience Categories

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too difficult to make it clear to users what kind of Experience our Experiences are.

I can make multiple different types of Experiences such as games, social gatherings, applications, educational experiences, etc., or anything else that can be a part of the Metaverse. However, it is currently difficult to let a user know what kind of Experience my Experience is intended to be.

For example, if I wanted to make a project that is more like a desktop application in the future (“Lua Learning” may be similar to what I am describing), I wouldn’t want that to get mixed up with games.

It would be nice if Roblox could add a feature similar to genre’s, but for Experience categories, which would let Experience developers clarify what kind of Experience their Experience is. Ideally, this could be something that shows up on the game page next to the “Genre” section.

Clarification Edit: I know that sorts like “Learn and Explore” and “Play Together” already exist. This is not what I mean. I want this Experience category to be clearly visible on the game page, so that users know what kind of Experience this is.

For example, I may want it displayed in that section in the image above.

If Roblox were to address this issue, I would more easily be able to start creating projects that are more than just games while making sure that they are properly categorized rather than seeming like the “odd one” in a platform full of games.

Side note: This is not intended to be a troll post or a statement. I think this would be a beneficial feature so that, for example, developers who create an Experience that is intended to be a game can clearly mark their Experience as a “game” for clarification.


Game genres, better discovery for games vs experiences? That sounds reasonable.


I have some toy projects such as tech demos, showcases, and etc. that do not fit the bill for games.

I really like the idea of expanding the terminology from games to experiences. Previously there did feel like there was a vague pressure that all creations on the platform only had worth if they were games. Now especially with the metaverse idea picking up steam, I think it’s important to give developers tools that encourage them to create more than just games on Roblox

I do think however that this kind of feature would be better realized through a comprehensive tagging system. E.g. a game can pick a collection of tags for their game, where some tags may be of certain types, e.g. experience category tags, genre tags, and content tags.

Game, horror, haunted house, ghost, stealth, co-op
Showcase, sci-fi, spaceship, aliens
Toy, General, physics, ragdoll, open-source