Experience Events thumbnails, curation, and the future of events

Hey creators,

You can now define thumbnails and event types for your experience events, making it easier for you to tell your players what is happening within your experience. Adding these elements will also make it easier for your experience event to be featured in Today’s Picks.

Events are key to keeping a community engaged - whether it be to celebrate a new game update, a x2 XP boost weekend, or anything else! These moments are where all your users come together and engage like never before.

Previously, we launched experience events; a way for you to tell your users about upcoming events within your experience, and for them to opt in and be notified when that event starts. We are continuing to build on that foundation -

Deeper customization

You can now add up to 5 thumbnails to promote your event with users. These images will be visible on the event detail page today, but this metadata will soon be consolidated on your experience detail page. Additionally, you can define a primary and secondary event ‘type’. These will not display to users - instead, they are used to tell Roblox what kind of event you are running; enabling a secondary event type makes sure you can accurately describe any kind of event you may run. The types available are:

Finally, your event will now automatically localize to your players around the globe. Custom translation support coming soon!

Events coming to Today’s Picks

We have recently started highlighting Today’s Picks, a curated sort on Home. It highlights what is happening that’s new and interesting on a daily basis on Roblox. The goal with this sort is to help more amazing creations find an audience, as well as help users discover a zeitgeist of experiences that they may have never considered before.

As a creator, one of the best ways to inform Roblox that something new and exciting is happening in your experience is by ensuring that you’ve set up your thumbnails and categorized your event. Declaring an event will let our curators know that something will be happening in your experience, increasing your likelihood to be featured in one of our curated sorts.

Looking forward, events at the platform and experience levels continue to be a big area of focus. You will see a number of other improvements coming for experience events over the next few months, for example:

  • Improving event discovery and placement
  • Event analytics
  • Improved management for accessing and configuring events

As always, please throw us any and all feedback and suggestions! We read everything in the thread, and really appreciate the conversation.

Creator Success team


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This would be great if Today’s Picks didn’t mainly involve big games :frowning: but small games to support small devs, since that’s what the category is for.


Really cool but I haven’t been able to successfully upload any images. I keep getting this error no matter the file type I try to upload.


Additionally, would it be possible to add a tab in the Configure Experience page? I forget this feature exists because I don’t see it where I would expect it to be lolol


What a cool update for the Events so you can actually showcase better whats going on

Im excited what it will bring to us and how it will help to discover some cooler events :smiley:

Would still appreciate if smaller games had also a higher chance to show up if they would do Events :slight_smile:


okay wow cool greatly greattttt


this is truly exciting !!! can’t wait to use this


We’re looking into the bug - also, we’re moving events to a better suited place very soon! (yep, under the Experience pages)


From my perspective as a player, I’m not really sure where events are shown, how to see what’s going on at a glance on the platform, or how to see active events for games I care about. It’s possible I’ve just missed them all since I don’t check frequently, but I dont even know what has happened in the past for games I care about outside of maybe the notification feed.

Am I missing something, or can we get more visibility on these than just a sort?


Better discovery and placement for events is now the top of our priority list. We needed to make sure that events had the correct metadata associated with them before we improve this though - hence this first launch.

Events are a very powerful way for creators to engage their audiences, so it’s very important to us that their players know what’s upcoming - the bottom of the experience details page and a signal for ‘Today’s Picks’ takes us just a fraction of where we want to go. Keep an eye out!


I was skeptical about today’s picks at first, Roblox’s past attempt to have a sort like this resulted in heavy bias towards specific types of games.

Some time has passed since the sort’s launch and, from what I’ve seen, it has been including small games. For example, right now “ragdoll waterpark” is being featured despite low CCU & only 11 million visits. Or “pillar chase 2” with only 7 million visits. My game, “Super Skyward Towers” was featured despite having sub-2k CCU and bad monetization.

While there’s always room for improvement, I’m not wholly convinced the sort is biased towards a specific game size or genre. If you’ve been seeing a specific trend I’m curious to hear about it in DMs!


Thats really great!!! but i dont know where i can see some events.


Will this be considered when events are recommended to users?

Also, with the different versions of thumbnails being tested across multiple areas on the website, it will be interesting to see the results.