EXPERIENCED developer looking for team [CLOSED]

Now closed currently. GFX Artist/Animators/etc. will be commissioned and other devs have been found.

I have always been a solo developer. I learned how to do everything myself as I didn’t have money to pay anybody. However I am now looking to make a new game with a new team of experienced developers. I do not want any new or intermediate developers. Advanced/Experienced only.

Whoever is the most experienced/best dev on the team should own the team/game. I know I do not wish to work for somebody that is much worse than me although I’d love to work for somebody that is better than me and knows what they’re doing.

About me
I am a scripter, modeler, builder, and I can do simple textures. I would like to be the programmer of the game. Here’s my scripting portfolio: GoldStorm950 - Scripting Portfolio [Not for hire]. I will totally model anything as needed however I would like to be scripting 90% of the time.

The Game
I don’t necessarily have a game idea at the moment. I would like us to choose something together. I do not want to do a simulator, or any game that is cringe. I want to make an actual game. I also do not wish to do any anime or Pokémon type game.

Who I am looking for
Great developers that are motivated to make a great game. 3d Modelers, Builders, GFX artists, etc. I would be alright with working with 1 scripter.

Percentages will be discussed


Are you open for a UI Designer? DM me or contact C_robix#0121

Yes, I am looking for a team of all developers

Ok, contact me please. I will show you some of my work

Hey GoldStorm, I sent you a discord friend request my user on there is cal. Add me so we can talk!

Hi ım interested, im a GFX Artist (for hire)
My portfolio here: GFX Artist For Hire - FireAtacck - #6 by Patata12308
If u liked my arts you can contact me on discord

Discord : FireAtacck#7601
Twitter : https://twitter.com/FireAtacck_GFX

Hi! I’d like to join your team as an animator!

Ive been working for 5 to six months and I dont want any money.

I’ll send you some of my work in DMs if im picked! :smiley:

We have picked our game idea and are now working to bring it to life, the only animations we would be using is for weapons and at this point I am not sure if we need an animator. If we do, it would likely be after I have scripted the gun system and we would pay you per animation. No percentage. If we do decide to hire an animator, we will create a new post in the coming weeks for it and you will be welcome to apply.

Hello, we will begin to hire a GFX Artist with a separate post in the future (a few weeks or more.)

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