GoldStorm950 - Scripting Portfolio [Not for hire]

About Me

I’ve been scripting on roblox since April 2017. I joined roblox in 2011. I am 18, and really enjoy scripting.

Development History

I have completed 3 games. I developed all 3 completely on my own. Scripting, modeling, building, etc. Except for half the GFX. Combat Arms Tycoon, Conflict Rising, and Conflict Rising 2. Combat arms tycoon was a beginner game for me as I was learning scripting.

Conflict Rising- My first attempt at a RTS. Conflict Rising - Roblox.

Conflict Rising 2 - My second attempt at a RTS. Great game mechanics and scripting. I later realized that the game was too complicated for people and could not hold player retention despite being greatly scripted and developed. The discord server for the game holds 110 members who love the game and are wanting Conflict Rising 3. Here’s the game: Conflict Rising 2 - Roblox. I also have a demo video that is a bit older and doesn’t show everything. Finally I have a quick video on a battle.

3rd Person Guns -I made some guns in 2 days. Outrun - Roblox.

Helicopter - I messed around with making a helicopter for a day. Play the game above to see it. Press E to get in, and space to get out.) It’s wobbly but it’s a days worth of work.

Jeep - Modeled and scripted a jeep with suspension. H for headlights. H again for brights, and H again to turn off. L for extra lights. C for left turn lights. V for right turn lights. B to break. Unkown - Roblox

Commissions I have done
I have done 1 commission so far. I worked for EOT and made them an advanced weather system. Clouds that spawn in that move across the sky, and act as they would in real life. There’s also regions where it would rain more in the rain forest, and less in the desert. It only rains when you’re under a cloud. There’s lightning, and some other things. You can see the weather system in their game (WETLANDS UPDATE!) Era of Terror - Roblox.

What I am confident in doing and have already done

Weather, Vehicles, Datastores, UI, Tools, Missiles, Weapons, and anything in Conflict Rising + a lot more


I am available for 8 hours and day of the week and will work 5 days a week leading to 40 hours a week.


[Currently not for hire]


Contact me on discord Nado#9659


Could you provide some examples? Videos of Missiles, for example. And scripts of OOP?

See the missiles in the demo video:

Very interested in your work. Requested your discord to discuss an opportunity.

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I have added your discord, my name is “okay”
Sincerely deiusively