[experienced pc user skill required] How to revert to the old Roblox Studio icons (working as mar 19, 2023)

(tested on windows 10, not sure if works on mac/linux)

Hello everyone! This tutorial is not going to be long(depending on your internet speed because you have to download stuff), so no worries.

First of all, you will have to download Roblox Studio Mod Manager, or else you won’t achieve the result since vanilla roblox studio doesn’t allow you to edit FFlags.

(optional) Second, you will have to download Notepad++ to modify the contents of the .exe file that I will talk about later on. After the 30th november update, roblox does a version check that is hardcoded, so you must modify stuff yourself to make sure everything works. This step is optional, because you can also open the built-in Notepad app on windows. The thing is, Notepad++ lets you modify contents without choosing the direction of search(unlike regular notepad)

(optional) Third, you will have to download Hex Editor to, well, modify the hexadecimal content of the .exe file. You can also do this(modify the file) with Notepad++, but in my opinion, HxD is a better alternative.

Once you’ve downloaded all the necessary files, open Roblox Studio Mod Manager and you should see this:

If your channel isn’t set to LIVE, make sure to change it.
Now, you would have to install the 0.553.0.5530621 target version from November 16th; to do this, click on the dropdown rectangle and select the version. After that, click on Open Mod Folder; you should see this:
Open the ClientSettings folder, and create a new .json file named ClientAppSettings. Should look like this:
Open the file with notepad/notepad++, and paste this into the file:

  "FFlagStudioQtSVGIcons": false,
  "FFlagSVGLuaIcons": false

When you’re done, press Ctrl + S to save the file, and close it.
Then, make sure the Just open Studio directory checkmark is enabled, and click Launch Studio.

When you’re done, minimize the Roblox Studio Mod Manager window.
Once the folder is open, you should see this:
Right click on the RobloxStudioBeta.exe file, and open it with Notepad++.

You should see this:

Looks like junk, but we only have to be here for a minute.
Press Ctrl + H to open up search and replace window, and do what’s shown on the picture below:

Once you’ve done that, press Replace All and you should see on the bottom that it said something like Replaced 3 occurencies of (...)

Once you’re done with that, open up the Roblox Studio Mod Manager window again,
and click on Edit Fast Flags.
You may see this window; make sure to click No to not do the steps above all again.

After that’s done, you should see the Flag Editor window, that looks like this:
(dont worry if you don’t see the red text, i already modified stuff beforehand)

Search up the highlighted flags in the search box(case sensitive!),

if you wonder what are the other FFlags, go to the bottom of this topic

select it to make the background blue(like the first one on the top), and click the Override Selected button on top, below the search box. Make sure the values shown on the picture above are the same as your ones in the Overrides frame.

After you’ve changed the FFlags, open up HxD with administrator rights(!), and you should see this:

Click on file, then click open. You should see this:

Change the path directory to the Roblox Studio folder(C:\Users\[your windows username]\AppData\Local\Roblox Studio), and open RobloxStudioBeta.exe. You will see this:

Press Ctrl + F to search, and make sure you have the same search options as me:
Now, click Search all, and on the bottom, you should see something similar to this:

Double click on where it says SVGLuaIcons, and make sure everything is the same on this line(in case you were as stubborn as me and you were messing with the file for a long time):
Now, the last part; Press win + r and type in regedit to open registry editor.
Change the path on top to this: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ROBLOX Corporation\Environments\RobloxStudio\Channel
The SOFTWARE folder can also be Software, depending on your system settings, so try that out too, if the first variant didn’t work.
You should see a folder named Channel, and make sure the first string(name’s (Default)) is set to either production_nov16(try that first), or to (value not set). You may have something named (...) dpi (...) in there, so to double check just do the following.

And, you’re almost done! Once everything is set, close the registry editor and open up Roblox Studio Mod Manager. Click Launch studio, and open up Classic Baseplate(to produce less lag),
then click File, and then, Beta Features.

Scroll down, and you should see this:

Make sure this is turned off, and click Save. You’ll be asked to restart studio; click restart now to apply changes. PoC:

FFlag descriptions:
AssetImporterBetaFeautre(state: true): enabled for testing reasons
AudioVolumetricSoundsBetaFeatureRolloutPercent(state: 100): enabled to fix my own problem
CSGV3BetaFeatureUrl: doesn’t do anything, has been overridden for testing reasons
CustomHighDpiBetaHandlingFailSafe(state: true): older version of the beta feature prompt
ForceFutureIsBrightPhase(state: true): forcefully enables the FFlag below
FutureIsBrightPhase3Vulkan(state: true): lighting engine like in blender, makes stuff good if Lighting.Technology property is set to Future
StrafingBetaFeature(state: true): enabled for testing reasons
StudioBetaFeatureChangedSignal(state: false): (highly unstable) doesn’t recheck what you enabled in the beta features window in roblox studio
StudioQtSVGIcons(state: false): forcefully disables the so-called “modern” look for roblox studio
SVGLuaIcons(state: false): forcefully disables other “modern” icons for roblox studio


Thanks for the guide…It’s insane how much work is required to revert to old icons!


Can you do a tutorial of disabling the hardcoded version check? I’ve downloaded a version older than 549, especially the high dpi variant of v544 that has the blue icons. But unfortunately, it can’t launch anymore because from November 30 and onwards because it’s now marked as out of date.

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I did that via Roblox Studio Mod Manager.

it’s literally impossible to disable the version check, unless you have the source code for roblox studio
edit: i mean if you talk in hexadecimal then yeah go for it

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Or you could just download an icon pack and avoid needing to do a whole bunch of work.

honestly the vanilla icon pack is way better than the old ones

How did you get the Segoe UI system font applied to the FILE menu, and the Beta Features window?