Explicitly clarify that using Development Discussion to circumvent Platform Feedback post restrictions is not allowed and stop dismissing those flags


He clearly said “purposefully”, and it is also in the rules, it is not “Extreme measures” since people who make those posts ussually just don’t read the rules cuz they dont want to.


And let posts within the wrong category keep appearing? A simple warning is not enough of a deterrent.

In addition, I’m perplexed you read the rules entirely. There is a whole section dedicated to addressing bug reporting.


Bug report guidelines

Before @omgcchheeessee say that we can’t currently post in that category

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The part you quoted literally says that if they keep doing it they should get a strike? You still haven’t addressed that. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be punished. I’m saying only obvious repeated rule breakers should get a strike. A strike is a strong punishment. Also i did say that i read the rules!!! I was a bit fuzzy on them. I probably read them over like 3 times in total.

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I am disagreeing with repeated offendings here, I want it pushed for singular offences.

My main point is people do not refer to the rules and guidance, I want people to be deterred from ignoring what’s there to be read.

Your mistake could’ve easily not happened if you referred back to the rules you knew existed.

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In my opinion, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that something as vague as

The Development Discussion category is for any and all topics related to development on Roblox, as well as topics related to Roblox developers.

can encompass nearly anything. The only ways to find out that’s not the case is by:

  • seeing “meta” posts like this one,
  • knowing the old category guidelines,
  • going through threads and seeing what gets locked, or
  • personally getting feedback.

Most people will do either of the latter two, both of which require someone to receive feedback. When learning how to correctly use the category pretty much requires striking people, something is inherently wrong with the systems in place. Striking people for a misunderstanding is needlessly harsh, and the real fix is to both change the category guidelines and let people learn through example. Kicking people out of the forum is not a solution; future users will come in and get chucked out just the same. This will only succeed in alienating new users.

Where is it clear that #development-discussion doesn’t encompass what it says it does (i.e., any and all topics relating to development/developers)?


Reading the rules; the exact rules which are linked in the PM sent to you when you join the DevForum.

Also for example, there is legitimately a #platform-feedback:engine-bugs category which is pretty hard to miss. If you’ve become a Member, you have most probably scrolled down the home page and seen the category.

Once more, it has “discussion” in its name - why would you discuss a bug report?

Simply, because there is a linked topic in the rules which specifies where to post your bug report:

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What most people fail to understand is that ‘if you can’t post it in the right place, do not post it’. This is a message people frequently miss and they assume that if they post it in the wrong place, it’ll be moved.

It is not the duty of the community or moderators to fix clear mistakes by forum users; if a user is repeatedly disregarding forum etiquette and category rules, they should face a strike as they clearly have no care for using the forum professionally.


A few months later and this issue is still seriously a concern. I don’t see why normal members of the forum (who aren’t moderators) have to enforce not crap posting in this category.

Members who are extremely new… I can understand. They might not realize that their post isn’t fitting for the forum, and they’ll receive feedback. But instead of giving them feedback every time, can we just strike them for disregarding the guidelines and forum rules? You have to be 13+ to use the forum, which means they should be able to understand the rules and realize it says development discussion.

A new user’s common argument would be that they don’t have any other place to post it. And even some users have the audacity to say on the top of the post “I know this is gonna be taken down but here me out” or “I know this is in the wrong category”. Like what? If you’re aware it doesn’t belong, then don’t post it at all.


This specific feature request is not relevant anymore. Posts that are off-topic are reliably removed by DET. Flag off-topic posts and forget about them.

Further, I don’t often see any one user make the same mistake twice, the problem is that there are many different users all making the same mistake once. Also, for example, there is a tip in the autofill text for topics in Forum Bugs but people still misuse the category to post platform bugs. There is nothing more to be done to dissuade intentionally using the wrong category other than throwing up a massive modal and threatening users with permanent suspension, and even then it probably still wouldn’t work 100% of the time.

Just flag posts and move on. It’s really not that big of a deal, I don’t see that many off-topic posts, a couple in a day perhaps.