Exploit Prevention Update

Just wait, because its still not full protection.

@DeneoXtrem Hyperion is embedded in the client, not the launcher.

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Filtering is disabled, what does that mean?

:skull: Bro, someone dropped me this video.

printing the base address of the program can be done externally with ease, this is nothing to flex lol. ( they didn’t bypass anything )

I wonder how they could’ve done dll injection though :thinking: ; even though you could get BaseAddress externally, its still a surprise for me to see a whole window inject into process without any crashes n’stuff, there is specific method that can inject dlls which can output messagebox, but its not as cool as this one

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they didn’t inject anything lol, there is 0 proof in that video of a dll being injected into roblox.

Alright, nothing to worry about ig then.

Wave is getting detected, more like banWAVE :boom:


roblox refuses to make an anticheat for linux (so they had to block it from being used) and also allows android therefore exploiters can freely exploit on mobile without any interruptions like it’s nothing giving them hope

There is no Linux client, and consequently, there cannot be a Linux anti-cheat. Perhaps there is some confusion here. Just because Wine allowed the Windows client to run on Linux, that does not make the Windows client magically a Linux client.