Exploit Teleporting to a weird game


I know I most likely posted this on the wrong topic, but I just have some questions.

My friend and I are currently having issues on a café game and he does not have dev forum so he can’t write this post, but I am since I am the owner, but anyways. He created a game with 0 free models, and stuff, and every once in a while, when someone joins it takes them to this game called “Data” by a user named RobloxDataService and does not know how to fix the issue.

I am positive it’s most likely a script or something.

Can you guys help us out?


It is probably coming from a malicious plugin. Check all your friend’s (and others who have access to the game) plugins in ensure that their plugins are trustable. This link might help a bit.

Also, posting for someone else is against the rules (it probably won’t kill you though).


Thank you and I’m posting for myself and him, I own the group and I made the café and my friend also helped out. But what if we haven’t used a plugin though.

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Anyone who has currently can accesse your game should check their plugins. It could be a script (inserted by a plugin) that is hidden in a obscure service. As far as I’m aware, plugins and free models are the only thing that can do this.

(you should probably change the title of your post to “Exploit teleporting players to weird game” so more people can help, as people seem interested in exploiting related topics, and your current title is vague)

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So should I check the scripts, and delete any sketchy scripts? We have a couple of scripts, so I think I’m going to check them out and delete the sketchy ones.

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You should (after finding the malicious plugin and deleting it, as it can reinject the script), just remember that the script is probably well hidden. (I am inexperienced in exploit and backdoor detection overall so I can’t help too much)

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How do I find plugins? I am like not good with stuff like this.

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You can try searching for classes with the explorer search tool, such as LuaSourceContainer (base class for scripts) and see if there are any suspicious scripts in the game. You can also check those scripts in the developer console by iterating through all the descendants of things.

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Uh. Can you like repeat what you say more like specific, like I’ve stated before, I understand almost nothing about scripts, I am more of a builder.

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In the plugin tab at the Studio topbar, there is “Manage Plugins” and “Plugins Folder”

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Alright, thanks! Appreciate it.

Well it is kind of hard to explain, and it will be a lot easier if the scripter themselves took a look at it and followed those steps as this is the scripting support forum.

I also found a plugin that can help.

I’ve seen the comments and it supposedly does not work. But thanks, I will give it a try.

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This isn’t an exploit teleporting your players, it is a backdoor inside of your game.

Contact me on Discord if you would like assistance getting rid of the backdoor :slight_smile:

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Fixed the issue. Thanks though.