ExploiterBase [V0.3]


Hi there ! Let me introduce myself, I am fabrice1236, a scripter from Fmgroup Studios. A few days ago, I came up with an idea that could REALLY improve anti-exploiting in roblox games. With the help of my fellow @ROBLOX_MATEMATH and @worstrbx, today we are releasing ExploiterBase !

What is ExploiterBase ?

ExploiterBase is, like the name explains, an exploiter database. Basically, we are collaborating with devs to create a common exploiter database. And then, with a bit of magic and HttpService, you can add a pre-done script made by me and BAM, every exploiter known by our system is automatically kicked from the game !
2.How to add it to my game
To add this system to your game, download the model and insert the script in ServerScriptService (and delete the “read me” script if you want). Go to game settings/security and check HttpService and you are done ! You are now good to go ! Don’t want to download a model ? just paste the code below in a script in ServerScriptService.

local httpService = game:GetService("HttpService")
local CheckVersion = httpService:GetAsync("https://pastebin.com/raw/9AR4Zc2j")

if string.find(CheckVersion, "V0.1") == nil then
	warn("ExploiterBase is outdated, please go to toolbox then my models and search for ExploiterBase for devs, download it again and delete this script.")

			local banList = httpService:GetAsync("https://pastebin.com/raw/7AEAXPGW")
			if string.find(banList, plr.UserId) then
				plr:Kick("Oh, looks like you are banned from this game for exploiting.")

3.The future of ExploiterBase
In the future, I am looking forward to collaborate with an anti-cheat creator to add exploiters auto-detected by the system. If you created an anti-cheat and like this idea, please contact us via : devforum, twitter or on our website fm-group.be/support ! We may also make the report feature come back but with a different system. More info coming soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading !


This would require a lot of trust from the developers adding this. As it would basically allow you or anyone working on this / somebody that hacks into your pastebin account to completely ban anyone from joining any game using this.

And this is basically exactly the same as the roblox report system, just on smaller scale.

Also, just checked the code and its very very inefficient, it does a HTTP request every 4 seconds, FOR EVERY PLAYER.

I would also recommend not using wait() and spawn() as much as you do in your code.

Another point i thought off, if that list gets very large, it would lag the game a tonne. Lets say you ban a thousand players. It would have to, every 4 seconds, for every player, loop trough that list. That would quickly cause large performance issues.


Not only the point made above, but in order to check banned players you are using string.find

There is a huge problem with this.
Let’s say you ban a player: ‘fabrice1236’
‘fabrice123’, ‘fabrice’, ‘fabrice12’ Will also be banned, not just the specific player name.
Also, players can change their username you should use UserId instead.


I suggest using user ids instead of usernames.


Thank you for these suggestions, all of those are very useful and I will consider all of them !


Just made an update !

  1. Now, we are using userIds and not usernames !
  2. The game will check only once (when the player joins) if the player is an exploiter.

I’d like to report fabrice1236
Here’s some definitely not not doctored proof that he exploited in my baseplate game:
UserID 821632518


Good joke ! But dont worry this exploiter was already know by our system :rofl:


I heard you used pastebin for storing it. Is that true?

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For the moment, yes, but I am working on storing everything on a secure server which will be ready very soon

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I got a web host and nothing on it. I can host it for you if you want

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Could we talk about that in DMs please ?

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This is brilliant idea but the problem is when people falsely reports someone innocent like example I will copy game Jailbreak and put it on my game then i will get another account named coolboy123 and change him into TomYoGaming and name his character TomYoGaming then make clip of him exploiting. Theres way people can falsely report. But I will just see how it goes.


Yes, this is a big issue, but for the moment since this tool is not used a lot we don’t suffer the consequences. But I am thinking of a solution and we will see how it goes.

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I was actually thinking of making this, I’m glad someone did it so I don’t have to lol. Anyways, I have a solution to your problem. If a player gets reported once, nothing happens, multiple times in that server they get kicked, but if the same user gets reported in other games and servers as well, then that would likely mean that they are hacking, and then you can ban them. Like if they get kicked 2-4 times, then they get banned. So you would have to store how many times they have been kicked along with they userid

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Thanks for the idea ! Will implement that when I finish moving to a new database


As I like said before, they could used different account reporting targeted.

They still need blatant proof.

Update : Added already 50 more known exploiters to the system. Still adding them. Thanks @dogpower12x for giving me these exploiter lists !

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Please, do not make a system like this. There are so many ways this can go wrong.

  1. Your Pastebin account gets compromised, leaving hackers with complete access to the database.
  2. A legitimate person is added to the ban list, and you have no way to prove whether someone is innocent or not unless there is video proof or there are witnesses.
  3. Who is @dogpower12x? How do we know the list of exploiters from them is legitimate? Is there anyone else that can verify those claims?
  4. This discussion & idea has already appeared multiple times over the years but it always boils down to who gets to manage the UserIds. How can developers even know you will be 100% honest when adding UserIds to the ban list?
  5. What’s stopping this guy from making an alt? You’re better off reporting through roblox.com/support and getting them IP banned.