Explorer Info [v1]

Explorer Info


Explorer Info is a light weight plugin designed to add small features that I personally feel like should be default in Studio.


As of this version, there are only 3 features. The first is a simple selection counter, second is a written path to a selected instance (including smart pathing), and finally camera coordinates. There’s also plenty of settings to modify everything.

Selection Counter



Pathing uses smart pathing by default:



But it can be disabled, which will result in this:


Clicking the path was meant to copy to your clipboard, but I realized all too late that that’s currently not possible. In the meantime, clicking the path will print it out in the output for you to copy. Holding the modifier key (default: LeftControl) while clicking will use WaitForChild for the pathing. Here’s an example of both (using smart pathing):


Paths also account for quotes to some extent. Counters parts using ", ', and `:



(If all quote types are there, that will likely cause issues.)

Camera Coordinates

image image

Not much to say about this one. Camera coordinates are displayed at the top right corner by default. It automatically offsets in test mode to not be covered up. Holding the modifier key (default: LeftControl) will allow you to copy precise coordinates, where as clicking normally will give you rounded coordinates.


Settings can be accessed: game.CoreGui.PluginSettings.ExplorerInfo
(I may eventually create a nicer settings menu, but this is it for now.)

CoreGui Tutorial

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:



Settings Details

AutoScaled | Alternate scaling method, FontSize is preferred.

CameraPositionCorner | Corner to position the CameraPosition widget.

CornerOffset | Offset from the edge for all corners.

Font | Font for all widget text.

FontSize | Text size for all widget text.

ModifierKey | Sets the modifier key for click actions on interactable widgets.

PathCorner | Corner to position the Path widget.

ResetDefaults | Enabling this will reset all attributes back to the default settings. Clears saved settings.

SelectedCorner | Corner to position the Selected counter widget.

ShowCameraPosition | Toggles CameraPosition widget. Only updates while enabled.

ShowPath | Toggles Path widget.

ShowSelectionCount | Toggles Selection counter widget.

SmartPathing | Toggles smart pathing. See “Path” section above for more info.

TextColor | Sets the text color (TextColor3).

TextOutlineColor | Sets the text outline color (TextStrokeColor3).

TextOutlineTransparency | Sets the TextStrokeTransparency.

TextTransparency | Sets the TextTransparency.

TopOffsetDuringTest | Offset for top corner widgets during test mode.

If you want to change the font size without manually going to the settings config, just run this line of code in your console (same for all attributes, of course):



Please let me know if there are any bugs. While I think I’ve worked out most of them, I’m sure I’ve probably missed others as well.

I also edited things to not require any permissions. Aside from moving things around, I also had to use a custom encode module for saving the attributes without using HttpService. You can find that module here (not mine).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :+1:


Other Resources:
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This is pretty cool, definitely going to use this.


Thank you. Let me know if you find any bugs, or perhaps any smaller features that might fit this plugin. :+1:

Also just updated to patch pathing to instances with names without spaces that would disrupt direct pathing, such as punctuation symbols or starting with a number.