Explorer Search Improvements

You have no idea how helpful sorting by tags and properties is. :100:

This is amazing!

One thing I would die for is a search history! Almost exactly like how the command bar works, I would like that kind of functionally.

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Man do I need this feature!

Right now, I’ve been searching up terms, then individually Control + Left Clicking every single object I need to select- very inefficient! Now I will be able to mass edit duplicated models without taking a tedious amount of time.

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Hi, you still didn’t answer me, sorry if I’m being annoying but it’s just that I would like an answer to my question

I think you meant Explorer [Selection and Navigation Beta]


I think @kirazeee325 meant to share this link Explorer [Selection and Navigation Beta]. Let us know if this helps!

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Sorry, it doesn’t answer my question still, my question is if there will be a feature like Replace All for thsi new feature, as it would be very helpful

To clarify your feature request – would you want to replace whatever has been searched? (e.g. if you search for all instances with a certain name, replace all instances that have that name with another name; if you search for all instances that have a certain property value, replace all those property values with another value?) And what are the most frequent scenarios in which you’d use this feature?

Thank you for your feedback!


Ok, I’ll give a few examples, the killbrick exampel has already being said so here’s some:
I have trees in my map that look bad, they are there as a placeholder, I just created a new tree mode but there’s 100 trees, what I would do is:
Select all trees, and copy the new tree I made, thsi saves a lot of time as I dotn have to change every tree with the new one, also possibly keep its properties, most importantly position and orientation, but also names and attributes and everything can be useful
I have a Script under a part, the problem is that it looks for the part, but with the wrong name, this means I either have to:
Change all of the scripts, which would be done similarly to the killbrick example, or cahnge the name of all the parts, which in this case would be:
myPart.Name = “Name”
for example, I think thsi woudl be useful if it woudl show a box where you can write the Name or something like that, and also I didn’t see something that allows you to se e properties, it woudl be useful also, another use case is:
If there’s a lot of parts that have the worng parent, I woudl select them and change their parent

Thsi are a few use cases taht came to my mind just now, probably others have more, but that is my use cases

Are you certain that packages would not suit your needs?

Sorry but what is a package?

YES!!! ive been wanting this for ages, finally. thanks roblox

This is good…

No more time used up searching for locked parts. Thank you

It’s something in the game that allows you to update one and it updates all of them. Right click the model and you can save as package.

Oh, I didn’t know, tehn this isn’t really useful, even though for new Developers taht don’t know what a Package is it could be useful, but it’s @kirazeee325 choice

This is awesome! It feels wonderful to use, looks great, and is intuitive. The one thing I feel like it would really benefit from is the ability to search through attributes like properties. (E.g. attribute:NameOfAttribute=123)

Another possibility, but, likely with more limited use cases would be the ability to use <, >, <=, etc comparisons. Actually apparently these already exist! :smile:

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If I’m not wrong they are already there

I use Future Lighting technology, which is heavy-burdened in GPU. So I must select all BaseParts/Mesh/Union to disable CastShadow Property, and although I did have <1,000 parts, my Studio Crash (I did use Macbook Pro 14-inch 2021, which is very strong in CPU-GPU), screenshot below

I love this update anyway, it would be better if Studio doesn’t crash everytime we mass search, thank you in advance!

Attribute support is planned, but might be a while.


Hey @JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX , thank you for this feedback! These new features will definitely be integrated into documentation. Since it’s still in the early stages of the beta and we plan on iterating on this syntax based on feedback, we’re going to hold off for now. When the official documentation is updated, I’ll definitely link to it on this post.