Expressive Output window gets slower and slower

As described here, while debugging, as the script prints something to the Expressive Output Window, it gradually gets slower, until practically stopping the game, after many prints …
If I clean the Expressive Output Window (Ctrl+K), it will be fast again, then everything will be repeated …

When I activate log mode, this problem does not occur.


  1. Activate Expressive Output Window beta
  2. Run this script (LocalScript)
local time = tick()
for i = 1, 10000 do
	print("Time between prints: ", tick() - time)
	time = tick()
  • You will notice that, as the prints appear, the time increases.
  • Clear the Output (Ctrl+K) and it will become faster again, then get slower gradually
  • And by enabling Log Mode, the time is stable.

Yep, this (and related performance things) are the biggest current issues with the Expressive Output Window. We will have a fix out very soon. :smile:


Solved in Studio 454.
Thank you!

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