Extended collapse button in Explorer

Hello Devs!

I’m sure most of you, especially builders, get sick of using the scroll wheel every time you open workspace, only to be ensued by a mass of objects (even more so if you’re a little messy like me), and sometimes you just want to quickly navigate from Server or Replicated Storage to Workspace, and vice versa.

Well, I would like to suggest a small change to the Collapse and Expand (C&E) buttons found on all Explorer objects.

Instead of having the C&E button permanently attached to its hierarchy component, it should be able to expand with its descendants.
This would apply to descendants.

As you can see, where the red outlines are represent the clickable area for the C&E.

This would significantly improve efficiency when searching for and moving items too and from different hierarchical trees.

If you think this change would be practical, please show your support, or reply with suggestions!

Also, if you hover your mouse over a C&E area, it should display the object’s name in a popup.
This would be especially useful when moving objects into an ancestor - as the user would not have to wait a painstakingly long time to scroll to the ancestor.

(In other words, if I wanted to move the ‘Hinge Constraint’ in the picture above to the 'Vent Shaft (one of it’s ancestors - I could drag the hinge to the Vent Shaft’s C&E button, and then let go of the mouse to drop it in that object)


I support. That whitespace isn’t doing much at the moment anyway.

if this change is implemented please make some sort of visual indicator that clicking there will close the hierarchy, otherwise it could get really frustrating


Perhaps halving the tab width?