External steering wheel crashes roblox

Since byfron got added and people got updated to 64 bit client, the people who play my game (OneSkyVed's Trolleybuses Place (indev) - Roblox) started reporting that when some of them have a steering wheel device connected to their pc, when they make any input (rotate steering wheel or press a pedal), their roblox client completely crashes

For context: to use most of external steering wheels on roblox, you need to download a third party software that emulates gamepad input, meaning roblox game normally treats them as gamepad

These people told me, that crashes only happen in my game (linked on top), so at first I suspected some sort of script breaking, so I did some checks using gamepad, but when using gamepad I could not replicate any crashes, which means that the issue is not caused by my gamepad handling code

Another information I was told, is that roblox crashes even when gamepad emulator software is completely disabled, which means its steering wheel device itself that causes these strange issues

If you need more specific details, be aware that I’m unable to replicate this issue on my end, simply because I don’t have an external steering wheel, so absolutely all questions will be sent to respective people who reported the issue to me

Expected behavior

I expect roblox client to not crash

A private message is associated with this bug report


Hello OneSkyVedOneSkyVedOn,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have previously received reports that outdated Thrustmaster Racing Wheel drivers have caused issues with Hyperion. So far, in all cases, updating the drivers has solved the issues.

Hi, I will reach out to the person and ask them if it will fix the issue

The person said that they use logitech (not thrustmaster). Private message that I included with the post contains possibly crash log files. Also the person told that their drivers are fully up to date

Could you please ask the person to provide us with a full crash dump as outlined in Strategy Three here? From the logs alone, it is impossible to diagnose the root cause of a crash.

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It actually seems that the person who had this issue said it was resolved in the most recent roblox update, BUT this is not the end of the bug report, as I will ask other people because a lot of people had this issue. Expect a response in several days

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Update: other people who contacted me also confirmed that after some recent update they stopped experiencing crashes. I assume this means this bug was fixed


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