Extra Information Regarding Spawnlocations

Hello, I’m vibrantkoffing. There is a post [here], where someone asks why spawnlocations spawn players a few studs upward. Now I replied with [this], and I want a few real answers:

  1. Is there a certain type of height a room must be?
  2. Do spawnlocations spawn players upward?

If so, please list the exact stud count. More information on spawnlocations is also appreciated.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Well I found making the brick above the character along with the spawn point it self uncolidable that works best if not it’s like 15 studs.


I think spawn locations only spawn a character above the spawn location if there is something in the way.
I think if something is above even a part of the spawn location, you will spawn on top, like if something was on top of the very edge of the spawn location you would spawn on the top of the room.



Example without the block:


Well the spawnlocation can still make the user spawn upward, but the user would fall if nothing was there. If you sent a GIF of you spawning with nothing in the way, that would be helpful. :slight_smile:

It always spawns the user a couple studs above the surface, i don’t know the exact stud count, but it’s not that large. Most of the time, I don’t even notice it.

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To follow up on me saying the user spawns a couple studs above the surface: I have tried to measure it, but it appears to only do that sometimes? I just tried it, and there was no height difference. I spawned directly on top of the spawn location.

I’ve found that players tend to fall about 7 studs when they spawn. So the top of a players head usually will be around 12.5 studs above the top of the spawn location.

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On top of the amount of studs that a player falls when joining, you must also remember that players will stack on top of each other upon joining if there is little SpawnLocations or large amount of players joining. If either is the case, be prepared to either have a lot of SpawnLocations or having a very open area for spawn.

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Spawn locations use the Model:MoveTo() method instead of CFrame which is why characters spawn above objects. Spawn locations do not spawn characters upwards, but only when there’s an object blocking the area.

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On the note of spawn locations… Anybody else notice that they got bigger? Do you know why, and will this effect how they work?

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Bigger spawn locations will avoid the need to create new spawn location parts. Bigger spawn locations will automatically distribute players on the part.