Spawnlocation Spawns Players Above Certain Parts

So I’ve noticed this problem reoccurring when I was building a specific room. The problem is where when my roof was at a certain height instead of spawning on top of the spawnlocation, the character would spawn on top of the roof part rather than the spawnlocation.

I’m not sure if this is due to spawnlocation possibly having a height limit or not as I have tested moving the roof to a certain height instead to see if my character would spawn in.

I used the R6 models as an example of how far the roof has to be from the initial spawnlocation before I am able to spawn in the room. Anyone know what is going wrong? Thanks for you time!


This is the type of behaviour you get when setting parts Position instead of CFrame. I wonder if SpawnLocations do this - or maybe they calculate the next-best position to use based on collision. You could probably get around this by disabling Player collisions utilizing CollisionGroups

I think that the room you’ll be spawning in is too small. I usually make rooms high enough so players could freely jump inside (around 3 Anthro NPCs high) and this behavior doesn’t happen unless players stack themselves on the spawn location.

I normally make my builds more scaled to R6 models and that’s why my rooms have much smaller jumping space, however it should still be able to spawn players as it is not directly blocking them and normally even if there is a part on top of the spawnlocation it still just spawns the character in the part. However I’ll keep the room height in mind for later on.

How do I utilize CollisionGroups? Apologies I’m not to good with scripting :sweat_smile:

Here’s a good article explaining it.

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I want to add on that you can either change the height of the ceiling or move the spawn part below the spawn location to fix this problem

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I have tried moving spawnlocation under the floor but the problem still occurs. Right now my only solution without scripting is to move the roof to a higher height. However if I utilize collision groups then the spawn works however I would like to find a way to spawn in the room without scripts. If not possible I’ll just stick with collision groups.

How low did you move it below the spawn location? You could try even lower

I moved it to the base of the building and the same thing occurs. When I get back on my PC I’ll test out moving the spawnlocation under the floor completely, I’m just afraid it will spawn the player either under the floor or in the floor and bug out.

I made a feature request to remove this functionality, or to simply add in a bool value for spawn locations that disable roof bumping. There’s really no way to get rid of this other than to CFrame players above the spawn location, which pretty much defeats the entire purpose of a spawn location in the first place.


That would be extremely helpful for builders, especially considering scaling of each builders preference. That and it simplifies the process without unnecessary code.


There are easier ways to solve this issue. Something you could do is try lowering the spawn point below where you want it to be. So, that way since it’s spawning higher up, you’d spawn on the floor. It takes a little tinkering, but it works after a bit.

Hey ebur1n. I may not have the perfect solution but I can certainly help if you make sure you abide by these points:

Size of the room

I believe there is a specific amount of studs the room must be height-wise.


If you seriously can’t find the solution, you may want to make it so the CanCollide is off for the roof. Make sure users can’t jump over the roof though.

Play around and it’ll fix naturally

For me, if I play around with the spawn location and the build a little bit, it’ll naturally fix on it’s own.

Submerge the spawnpoint

The spawnlocation may also spawn the player a few studs upward, so maybe submerging it to the ground a bit might fix it?

Note that I’m currently not on the Studio and this is the best I can help with. I hope these suggestions help, and remember, it can naturally come.