Extreme graphics glitch, parts flashing in and out of visiblity

I can’t reproduce it 100% of the time, but I joined a server of my game and everything on the screen was violently flashing. This wasn’t occurring yesterday. The video quality below is horrendous, but you can see the number of triangles rendered wildly fluctuating when I have the stats open.

Running Windows 10 with Intel HD Graphics / AMD Radeon R7 M270.


I wasn’t able to reproduce it… but I have a GTX 1070. Are you at all running out of VRAM? MSI Afterburner does have VRAM tracking, as well as GPU Usage. Comparing MSI Afterburner before and after playing and zooming out at a render setting of 10, UD Westover Islands used about 1.2 GB of VRAM.

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I’d be surprised, it’s never happened to me before.

Was playing your game just a bit ago (maybe 30 mins) and this actually happened to me too for probably about 5-10 seconds then completely stopped.

Just an edit: This has never happened before to me.

I used to have this bug like 2 years ago


I think this is related to animations, as my R15 mocap animation game also has this problem in which the player or the entire map flickers.

Do you have any animations which are changed every RenderStep/Heartbeat?

This is caused by objects with NaN cframes and we have a fix that should ship tomorrow.


The fix should be live now on desktop; please let me know if you still see the problem.


This bug appears to be back. Apparently this is happening intermittently for multiple users in the game mentioned in the OP.


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We haven’t really changed this code since the fix. What platform(s) are these users playing on? When did this start happening again?

I only just started receiving reports of this last night and it was occurring for both Windows and Mac users. I’ll be on the lookout for more details if I get more reports about this.

Hmm. There were no changes in the last several days that could affect this as far as I can tell. Please let me know if there is a way to reproduce this even if the probability is low but reasonable so that we can debug this.

I think it’s back, it’s just happening for me at my game and when i was playing phantom forces some of my friends were having the same issue.

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Can confirm, it’s been happening for me on several games including mine. My friends could confirm as well, we all use Windows 10 + high-end setups


Please specify more information for us to be able to investigate, specifically:

  • What are all the games where you’ve seen this
  • How often do you see this
  • Where do you have to be on the map to observe this
  • What do you have to do in the game to observe this

Not to ascertain, however a similar yet more severe graphical glitch can be seen here: Epileptic Graphical glitch in game, meshes/parts violently flashing

Could there be a relation with these issues?

This bug report appears stale – it’s best to file a new one with appropriate details.