[Extreme] Servers Keep Being Crashed, Need help with a Patch!


I am currently a developer at Solera Hotels and Resorts (https://www.roblox.com/games/1004691966/WATERPARK-Work-at-Hotel-Solera-Resort) Me and the other developers have been noticing that most, if not all, of our servers are being marked as “Slow Game” then later shutting down.

We are not sure what is causing this issue. Our servers were working perfectly fine before and we have not made any major updates lately. We believe there might be exploiters crashing our servers, but we are unaware of how this could happen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Solera | Development Team


This could be a potiental DDoS attack, or a simple lag exploit. If it is DDoSing there is a post with a script that prevents DDoSing, found here: click me. Although, they could be DDoSing even though they aren’t in the game, you would need to know what is causing your servers to crash.


This is an issue that has been plaguing almost all games continuously, and the biggest problem regarding this is the fact that there have been several different methods for crashing servers and when one is fixed a new one sprouts up

The (current?) method that is known is a chat spam exploit, where you spam the chat remote event with strings over 10,000 characters which will cause severe lag and in some cases can indeed crash servers.

I’m not aware of any other ones at the moment, so I say the best bet currently is to create a script connecting to the chat remote event and detect strings over the default 500 character limit and kick/ban them accordingly.


The solution mentioned in one of these posts might help you. Apparently this problem has been happening for a bunch of people. Searching “exploiters crash” will show you a lot more instances of this (I don’t want to post them all because it would be link spam)



Issue being similar to ours or not?

We’ve concluded it to be a RakNet DoS and there’s nothing a game developer can do, it’s up to Roblox engineers.


Using the Stats service you can make a local script to detect the amount of data the player is sending the server, and if its something astronomical then you can ban them. The problems with this is that it is client side so there is the possibility they can just change/delete the script or if the DOS attack is not from a client and is instead from an outside source then this wont help either. But hopefully this helps at least solve some of the attacks!

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We’ve already did this check, not one player is even hitting the limits of just 60 over for DataSend or PhysicsSend
We even had it send a hashed key to the server every minute that the server confirms that the localscript is still running.
That exact same day, 3 hours later, our game starts to lag out for over two minutes.
I don’t think Stats service will show this kind of lag that I’m experiencing.

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