Extremely long load times

I’ve been trying to figure out this issue for a while, but my game takes anywhere from 2-3 minutes to load in for an average player, and it’s even worse for users with slower internet. I’ve been going through it all night deleting unused unions and meshes, and just taking apart expensive unions and going for low-poly part replacements instead, and still it takes an awful amount of time to load.

Things to note:
-Streaming is enabled
-Most if not all meshparts are set to StreamingMesh (Level of detail adjusts the farther you are)
-All my unions RenderFidelity is set to Performance
-I only have about 20-30 custom textures.
-The game is about 35k parts in total.

I was wondering if I could get some assistance with this.

Here’s the game in question: https://www.roblox.com/games/381276769/testing?refPageId=def12f4b-5b8e-4aac-b449-170277087d8a

I’ve included a part-counter gui for reference. I have a feeling it may be a script causing this, but I’m not sure and would like to get to the bottom of this.

do you have alot of large parts? I have found that to slow loading times for streamingenabled

What do you mean by large parts?

like numerus ammounts of parts more than 1K studs in size.

In my experience, I had many roads which had my streamingenabled loading time be approximately 1 minute. When I incremented the roads, it went down to 5 seconds.

Hm, I don’t use anything too big to my knowledge besides a few invisible parts used for music playing. I just tried disabling streaming enabled and seems like it loads a tad quicker, but some stuff still fails to load-in for a while as well as the character.

Do you have any scripts in your game? And if so, could you do a quick test and make a new place with ONLY the building (no scripts at all) -> than test and see if you still having loading problems. If you don’t than its a potential script in the game.

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I’ll give this a try! Might be a good idea. Thanks!

Just disabled all scripts and gave it a shot, seems to still be taking long to load, same amount of time. So I think it must come down to the building thankfully, which I’ve been working towards, but still need some suggestions.

Are you sure you disabled all of them. Double check by typing “script” in the explorer search bar and verifying everything’s disabled.

If it ends up being a building related issue than I can’t really help you and would recommend that you try posting in #help-and-feedback:building-support on how to optimize a build. Hopefully you find a solution!