Extremely low FPS when moving objects


Whenever i try to move an object, my frames drop to as low as 10FPS. This typically happens when a place has many parts. Even when i move a single asset, game starts lagging.

However when i dont move anything. Im running a smooth 60. Any solutions?. Thanks!


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This happens to me when editing games with hundreds of thousands of baseparts. I think it’s just a side effect of that. Seems to happen more when at the edges of the map if the camera is pointing at the rest of the map. It’s usually less severe when pointing the camera straight down to limit the parts in view.

You can also take parts of the map out to another studio instance, make your edits, then bring it back in and line it up using primary parts and the command bar.

I certainly don’t have a potato PC so ignore @Billy_Dodo’s non-constructive reply. It’s to do with having too many parts with infinite render distance and no automatic LOD.


In this case if you are building models in separate parts,maybe you could store the ones that you’re not using into the ServerStorage so you have less parts to render.
Or as @BanTech said, try reducing the render distance.


That is indeed, the issue of ROBLOX Studio, the only simple solution I’ve always used has been dividing them in multiple parts (in your imagination) and moving them like that, however, as I’ve heard, this can also be solved by looking in the sky, lowering your render and other solutions stated by others above.
This is definitely not the fault of your PC, if studio is running at smooth 60 FPS. It’s just how studio works.


Try lowering your quality/graphics level in studio. Go to File->Settings->Rendering and set it to Level1:



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Its most likely caused by your PC although i had this issue once on a game even tho my PC is pretty good.
You could reduce lag by unioning parts that can be unioned or deleting useless models/parts


Im running a Evga Nvidia Gtx-1060 on a 720p monitor.

I think its my CPU. That may be outdated…?
Its a I-3 4130

I did solve by dividing the map into sections and putting those into server storage


This happens when you move too many parts at once. Unions should do the job if your parts are the same color and transparency. If it still happens, reinstall Roblox Studio, sometimes the easiest thing to do is the solution.


Problem persists if i move individual bricks :confused:


You could set the Priority higher, to do that open the task manager / Processes and right click on Roblox Studio



I’m still using windows 7 :stuck_out_tongue:


This happened to me before, when trying to move objects in a place with either many textures or parts . The fix to this issue would be to try to delete some of the parts in the place. Sometimes, it can be only a few parts causing this issue. Parts that have a very high tri. Or, it could be just your PC - try to have a friend move parts around, and see if it happens for them.


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It isn’t a bug. This catagory is fine because the solution involves the parts within the place and is due to the number of parts currently being rendered by the viewport.


The reason why it is lagging so much is because their is a lot of parts in the game already. I would suggest reducing the amount of parts, it can be done by making meshes or removing un needed parts.


I dont see why i dont lag when im not moving objects.
Why dont i lag when i dont move parts
But i do when i do move a part

I feel as if this is a bug possibly.
But yes, its caused by high amount of parts…


When you aren’t moving objects your viewpoint doesn’t need to render anything new in. Then when you are moving object your viewpoint needs to render in the parts moving.
Here is a scenario to explain this better:
Imagine you are in a shop with lots of people in it and lots of thing everywhere(Like your game). If you wanted to walk from one side to the other you will have to walk around people and over things, this will take a lot longer than if their was nothing in the shop. This is basically what is happening when you move an object in your game your camera keeps having to render new objects in. Back to the shop scenario, if you are stood still you aren’t trying to get past people and over thing and not doing anything. This is what is happening when you aren’t moving any object in your game. You don’t need to render anything new in because you aren’t doing anything.


Ahhh, thank you for clearing that up!.


For some reason, in the explorer, folding the workspace (click the small arrow next to it so it hides all the descendants) stops making everything lag when I move a part or when I rotate/move a limb in the animation editor.

This might be your solution.