EZ Plugin - Cutscene Creator, Weld Creator, Part Perspective & More



What is EZ Plugin?

EZ Plugin is a NEW Plugin that has the ability to create Cutscenes, Welds & More!

Current Features of EZ Plugin

  • Cutscene Creator (Current Features of it, Pausing & Skip)
  • Weld Creator
  • Part Perspective (You become the Part, Really Useful for saving Time when Working With Cutscenes.)
  • FOV Customization (Field Of View)

Pictures of EZ Plugin

See Pictures


How much Does it Cost?

EZ Plugin Costs 0 Robux, It’s free for all!

Install the Plugin here



The tutorial is only for the Welded Tools & Cutscene as they are a little confusing (Not really)

How to use Cutscene Creator

First of Go to your Plugins → Cutscene Creator

After that Click it a UI will Pop up.
After that Add 2 Parts into workspace, Select the First one (First one should be the Starting Point) And the Second one (Should be the Ending Point)

This is how it should look like

All you have to do now is Press the Apply Button

Nice We’re done Test the Game and Enjoy!

How to use Weld Creator

First go to your Plugins → and Click on the Weld Creator Button

After that a UI will pop up.

I’ll make a Tool for the example of this Tutorial
We’ll add a Part inside of the Tool and Name it handle.
Should look like this.

One last thing Before the Welding Process.
We’ll add another Part to the Tool

Welding Time
First of all Select the Handle Part and Select another Part (First Selection → Handle, Second Selection → The Other Part)

After that Press the Apply button in the Weld Creator UI

We’re done, Play the Game and Enjoy your Welded Tool

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FOVScript.Source = [[
local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Camera = game.Workspace.Camera

Camera.FieldOfView = script.FOVValue.Value]]
local FOVValue = Instance.new("IntValue")
FOVValue.Name = "FOVValue"
FOVValue.Parent = FOVScript
FOVValue.Value = FOVNumber

You don’t need to create a whole second Instance just for the FOV value, just concatenate the value in the Source string.

Furthermore, it seems you are creating a new script every time the user presses Apply. This will lead to unexpected behavior as well as unnecessary scripts.

Then How would I do it Is there a problem from them Clicking?

Does this include animations and dialogue, or do I have to make it myself

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You have to make it your self, Sadly I can’t really do dialogs & animations in a Plugin.
I’ve thought of the same Idea But it’s impossible since I can’t do animations that everybody would like.

But it does come with a Pause cutscene and skip feature.

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Does anyone have a Suggestion for the plugin? (Features)

Not in my brain, but maybe take some features from Codotaku’s plugin, cutscene plugin thing, unless you have all the features already

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Okay, I’ll do that Also should I make a tool grip editor feature? It will be free.

Tool Grip editor Feature FOR FREE Is on the Works For EZ Plugin!

Pretty nice plugin, but some of the pop-ups are off-centered.

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Hi, Sorry for the late response as this is an old thread related to the Plugin, Could you explain in details to me about the Problem you are facing.

Here is the new thread.