EzRegion3 v1 (Accepts rotation)

Working: :white_check_mark:
Current Version: v1

EzRegion3 is a module to save you a few minutes of coding, you can make easily region3 and find parts inside that region so, what are u waiting to test this out?

This module is part of the EzToMake modules.
If you have any feedback, ideas or questions send DM, here’s my discord River#8221

This module is part of EzToMake Modules

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Module accepts rotation ~

Raw Handler

local m = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.EzRegion3)

local region = m.createRegion3({ -- Returns functions
	Part = workspace.Part, -- <Instance> Part to convert to Region3
	toIgnore = workspace.Baseplate, -- <Instance> Instance to Ignore
	maxBaseParts = math.huge, -- <number> Max BaseParts to find
    checkTime = 0.2, -- <number> How much seconds the module check if there's something touching the Region3 (0.2 is minimun)
	callback = function(find) -- <function> Callback
		print(find) -- Prints find part inside the Region3 

local RCFrame = region:GetCFrame() -- You can get region CFrame with this function.
local RSize = region:GetSize() -- You can get region size with this function.


region:Destroy() -- You can destroy the region3 with this.

Download the module

Or you can get the module from Roblox

I hope you enjoy the module :relaxed:


Can you add a feature that allows rotated boxes as the region?

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What type of rotation do you mean?

Thanks for your suggestion, I’m adding the feature to the module right now. Edit: Now you can use a rotated part to make a “Region”. Note, I’m not using anymore Region3, now I’m using touched event, and parts to add rotation, but it works like the Region3.

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