F3x or Studio tools?

Hello, I am new to the Developer Forums! Recently I have been working on some projects that require detailed building, and I have been asking myself this question a lot. Is the F3x plugin or ROBLOX Studio tools better for advanced and more proportional building. Please let me know in the comments, thank you!


It depends on what do you like more and feel comfortable, i always used studio tools but i know people who uses F3x and made really good buildings

Thank you for the feedback, I’ve always been using f3x and never really gave studio tools a try.


I use qCmdUtl because I was told to years ago and haven’t changed, but Studio Build Suite is the more commonly used one.

They’re very similar, but both plugins provide very useful options that roblox doesn’t provide by default, like converting a shape into a wedge / wedge corner or moving / rotating a part along it’s respective axis or along the world’s axis. If you haven’t tried them, toy around with them. I used to be reluctant but their features are a very necessary and frequently used part of my process now!

Interesting! I’ll give it a shot thank you.

This question has been asked a few times it’s just worded differently. It’s depends on your preference whether you choose to use (F3X or SBS or the common choice studio tools).

It really comes down to your personal preference if you find it easier to use plugins or the ones studio provides you i would stick to the one your more comfortable with or wanting to learn if it’s needed.

Building plugins are tools to help you build more easier and quicker developers normally choose to use plugins or the build in studio tools because there more comfortable with that you could also use plugins to build simple or complex models. There’s different features and shortcuts to help you along the process. Plugins like Archimedes or SBS are quite helpful I normally use the studio build in tools rather then installing a hand full of plugins.


I see. I use f3x because of the hotkeys and I find it faster honestly. I was just curious thank you!

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Personally, I perfer ROBLOX Standard tools. It’s a lot easier to get around and you can still create beautiful stuff. But, it’s all up to personal preference

I see where you’re coming from for sure, I like to use f3x because of the hotkeys :slight_smile:

I mean ROBLOX has their own hotkeys. CTRL + 1 for Select, CTRL + 2 for Move, CTRL + 3 for Scale and CTRL + 4 for Rotate

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Oh wow, I never really noticed haha. My friend taught me the basics of f3x building years ago so really I never bothered to touch the Studio tools.

I use studio tools so I dont have to type in increments every time I click on a plugin.

I think F3X as they are more accurate than Studio Tools.

Thank you for your feedback! I personally love using f3x!

I find it is way easier to use Roblox’s tools. I know of people who have created some really awesome things with f3x though. I just find the studio tools more organized and easier to use.

From personal experience I recommend using SBS (Studio build suite) over both of them. Using default studio tools is inefficient as it lacks the tools and features F3X and SBS have. Unlike F3X, SBS doesn’t have useless buttons and only has things you actually need so it fills up less of your screen. F3X also forces you to use their duplicate keybind which is annoying. After using F3X for two years and SBS for little over a year I highly recommend it. (SBS is a remake of qCmdutl.)

F3X is a “more organized” version of studio’s tools. F3X doesn’t differ, it’s just simpler and easier to access for a lot of people. I’d recommend learning the studio tools and their shotcuts more because that’s the standard tools. F3X is an additional plugin that gives you easier access to tools and helps you faster if you don’t know the shortcuts.

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Personally I believe that both types of tools have their pros and cons. I normally use the normal tools as they may look a little bit more user friendly in my opinion. However when I need to make symmetrical/equal lengths of objects, I use F3X as they have options and resources for that type of stuff. Once again, I believe they both have their pros and cons.

I will never not suggest using Build V4. It is an extremely useful tool that you will assuredly come to appreciate once you fully grasp all of it’s features, if you so choose to. The UI isn’t great to look at but it more than makes up for it in utility. I would also suggest getting all of stravant’s building plugins such as Gapfill, ResignAlign, and MaterialFlip.

Personally I like F3X way more. It gives me more freedom in my type of builds.