Factory Game Devlog #3

By popular demand, (and an improvement of my scripting skills) it’s here! You’re now able to pickup and carry boxes around, which makes moving them much easier.

Also, feel free to leave name suggestions down below as I’m currently struggling to think of one, so any ideas would help.


We can now carry boxes! Woooo!

I think you should open up the other lane so two players can focus on one lane.


I still just have it blocked off for testing purposes, haha. When I open the game again for people to come and play it, I’ll make sure to remove the barricade.


By the way, here are the other devlogs if you missed them! Factory Game Devlog #1 Factory Game Devlog #2


Looks great! How did you do the pickup system? Welds I am guessing?

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Yep! Welded it to the player’s torso and played an animation.

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I know this is a small feature - but maybe you should make so that you need to hold down on the box for a bit to pick it up.

This property in ProximityPrompt:


I played around with it a little bit and it just feels a little clunky, so I left it as 0.

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Nice! Everything seems so smooth, gameplay looks weirdly relaxing.

I was maybe thinking you can name the game ‘Bric-a-brac Factory’. The word ‘bric-a-brac’ describes small decorative items. But, we could take the word literally because the player will have to carry boxes of small ‘brics’ and sell them. lol idk

You could probably name your game around the little cubes you box up and sell.


No way! This looks really a cool, a step up from normal tycoons. Good work.

“The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering.” No testing today I guess. Also, I’m on laptop (I’m @BrawlStarsLover_2)

He said why its blocked off earlier