Failed to load sound rbxassetid:// ID: Unable to download sound data

We should just wait i guess, roblox will fix it soon hopefully

Same issue here. Guess all we can do is wait until they fix it.

a question this has something to do with this same error? and still going up the errors message

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roblox is having issues loading up instances just wait until they fix it

oh i was thinking its was my internet thanks!

Ive had this same issue for my sword fighting game I was trying to play “The Great Strategy” and it just didnt play, although its probably just a issue on robloxs end.

this was the latest thread for this topic - i still get this issue, and i’ve tried multiple fixes e.g. re-installing roblox, giving the roblox launcher/player permission to run as administrator, trying different wifis/vpns, etc., and it still doesn’t work

i don’t believe this is something that’s ever going to be fixed by roblox which is unfortunate because all the audios i tested worked on my old pc (which i only switched from around 2~ weeks ago) and work as Sound instance previews/website previews

I’m having this problem still. No idea how to fix it. Anyone have any update?

Their is no valid way to fix this (at least from my knowledge). Its a roblox sided issue.

You can only hope Roblox Sound Id is loaded, and is an appropriate sound Id.

if Sound.IsLoaded then

Example ^

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That’s so annoying. I hope Roblox fixes this issue. It really breaks my games a lot. Thanks for the update though!


the 5th of feb: nothing has been done to this, i wish there could be a way to bypass this: isloaded() just breaks my sword

Its not a roblox issue, I tried to reproduce the bug myself, what I found is
When your running the sound via scripts, the id of the sound instance should be rbxassetid://1 not just 1, and when you try to play with sound id 1 as 1, then this bug occurs, I tried with lots of variations to reproduce this bug with rbxassetid, it does not get reproduced

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I hate to resurrect a dead thread, but this is happening to me as well. It seems to only be in one place where I copied the Sound assets to. It works find in the source place, but not in the destination place. No idea why. Interesting to note though is that if I play the sound from the explorer, it works with no problems. And I do have rbxassetid:// as part of the URL for the asset ID.

Besides this, I’ve been seeing other errors in Studio too. HTTP errors 500, 502, and 503 are the main ones for getting package permissions and such. They are having some serious networking/server issues. It could be load related as Roblox is quite popular and their capacity could be at its limit.

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Hello, it is I posting 2 years later to say Roblox has yet to fix this:


With the audio update, audio will only work if you uploaded it and it’s your game that your using it in

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Not entirely true. If you buy it from the marketplace, then it’s on your account, and should work in game. Most of the assets are free. It’s things that are labeled with the music tag. The sound effects aren’t affected by this from my experience (I also read a blog post about that too somewhere.).

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Bysides sound effects your incorrect, you still need permission for audio whether you bought them or not.

For example before the audio update I got all the audio I needed into my inventory, and they don’t work now.

That is something that I would contact Roblox support about. If you pay for the assets (even if they are free), you should have permission to use them.

Well this is how roblox is stopping stolen audio. It strictly says you can use audio in your game that is either :

Created by you
Less than 6 seconds (sound effect)
Given permissions by the audio uploader

That last bit is asinine because if you can’t get a hold of the person who uploaded it, then how are you going to get permission? Now if I pay money and buy an asset, and then Roblox tells me that I can’t use it because I need permission, and I can’t get a hold of the uploader, I am going to demand my money back.

The act of going on the market place and buying the audio (free or otherwise) should be positive confirmation that you have permission to use it. I don’t think they thought this all the way through.