Falsely terminated for working in team create

My account, absentdenik (the one im posting from) was falsely terminated when developing a game. Me and other developers were working in team create. One of them as a joke built something innapropriate :skull:, our place was content deleted in 5 minutes (private, no published versions). We quickly removed the asset and republished it, continuing to work. In 5-10 minutes my account was terminated permantently. I find it pretty unfair that my account got moderated for it.

Is there something I can do to speed up the process of getting copy and pasted reply from roblox? My motivation to develop on roblox dropped significantly after this incident.


Spam them with appeals, I guess.

I’ve heard it hundreds of times on this forum.

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Same, apparently its a real issue. I wasn’t even the owner of roblox group nor the project, I was simply hired to maintain a competitive game.

Interesting. Did any of the other team members have action taken against their accounts?

Nope, just the place taken down. 3 parts.

Has Roblox sent any support response to you? Usually, in your inquiry, you can ask to speak with a real person, and it will respect that request.

They hit me with thier famous: “Thank you for contacting us about this issue. Your account was correctly moderated for creating game with sexual/adult content.” and “We’re sorry but we’re unable to provide you with any further information or response regarding this inquiry.”

Thanks Tarin from roblox support :robot:


Looks like you might need to send another appeal. Eventually they might undo the action.

Already did, waiting for response.

the most you can do is send an appeal and hope. You can TRY reaching out to a devrel member, but they usually can’t do anything.

Tis Roblox.

When uploading .fbx, you upload to Roblox’ database, creating a new asset for your mesh. That means it goes through content moderation, and you can get moderated if you do the nono’s.

I assume this was you yourself

I ain’t dumb. One of the devs aligned 3 parts in the shape of male gender organ, there was no meshes. We have a team of 4 people working on the game. Roblox moderation replied with “Please note that development of group games falls on the group owner.” (which I’m not), clearly stating that the game was the reason.

Then you should tell Roblox that, definitely. It is my experience too that when a developer breaks the TOS, the group owner gets moderated, had it happen once. Is it possible you did something else, and they took a finer look at the game due to the violation the other dev made? AFAIK they could even check code comments.

“Thank you for contacting us about this issue. Your account was correctly moderated for creating game with sexual/adult content.”

I was pretty inactive as developer before that.

Code comments are clear and I’m not the one currently woking on the framework, im just assisting and maintaining in future.

not anymore according to roblox XD

Roblox is pretty strict about sexual content, but I’ve never heard of a content moderation after mere minutes. Maybe they’re using some kinda new AI tool

I wonder how it isn’t way too far yet.

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Consistent moderation isn’t Roblox’ specialty; when our game was moderated, we fixed the issue immediately, but it took months for them to revert the change (and only after someone in the team reached out to an admin they knew personally). Makes you wonder how fair it is, same situation to a smaller dev might’ve left them without a game.

We are still working on the game, however I would like to get my 2017 main back. I have all the models/old games/plugins on it. I don’t know who to contact since roblox customer support is simply filled with bots.

Try someone from dev relations, try twitter too.