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The Last Online Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/2120256007/Check-a-Roblox-Users-Last-Online-Information

[ Note: The Update Log is updated a lot more frequently than this FAQ page, and has more detailed information & logistics. It has more specifics and is more up-to-date than this page. ]

I decided to make a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) post about some of the most common questions I have received about the game, so hopefully this will be helpful and as detailed as possible:

  1. Q: How do I even use the game? (it has been significantly updated since August 2020)
    A: To look up someone’s last online information, simply CHAT the full Roblox username of the person and then CLICK/TAP on the red button in front of the main white board. The person’s last online info will show up in the Central Time format (USA-based, and it can be referred to as “CST” or “CDT” depending on the time of year as we may be in Daylight or Standard time), but can be converted into any other timezone (some are on the small board nearby, and I’ll add more soon & possibly an automatic conversion system). Or, you can also click on the “SELECT TIMEZONE” button on the side menu to select a timezone (some popular ones are listed, and at the bottom you can enter a custom UTC +/- offset, whole numbers only). The game will not be impacted when the time comes to switch to Daylight or Standard time. However, be aware that some countries do not change their timezones.
    Make sure to enter the person’s username fully and correctly, though the system is not case-sensitive so you do not need to worry about that. For example, if you want to look up builderman’s last online info, it’s acceptable to enter “builderman”, “Builderman”, “BUILDERMAN”, “buildErmaN”, etc. - it won’t confuse the system. Make sure to not confuse similar-looking letters/numbers such as an uppercase “i” with a lowercase “L”, or the number “0” with the letter “O”. The game is compatible with all devices.
    A NEW ALTERNATIVE: Click on the “SHOW MORE INFO” button on the top of your screen to look someone’s username up and see exactly when they were last online, their exact join date/time (it will use the same timezone as you set for the last online time; by default it’s Central), their Total RAP, User ID, blurb, their outfits (which you can morph into!), friends list, and many more cool features – most of which will even work for banned/deleted players! Also, you can now search for a player by their User ID (click the circular arrow button on the top left and click “Switch to ‘Enter a User ID’ instead”).

  2. Q: How did you create this game?
    A: I made this game using a Roblox website API (which contains last online info, join dates, outfits, etc.), an external proxy, and the use of HttpService. Some things required workarounds. Data Stores are used in the game as well, for the Top Donators and Most Usernames Looked Up board.

  3. Q: Why is the game (inaccurately) showing that a person was last online on their join date?
    A: This happens with a few players (although it is quite rare, but it usually happens with the older players who joined around 2005-2012). This is assuming the player actually went on their account after their join date. I do not exactly know why these inaccuracies happened (especially with older players), but my guess is that Roblox’s last online system had occasional issues with updating people’s info back then, so if the player was last online during a time (unknown exactly when) that Roblox had these issues - they may be stuck with having their join date display as their last online date. But, it is then fair to assume that they have not been online for at least a couple of years, though (likely not since 2015, at least). This is unfortunately impossible to resolve unless the player comes online again - which would automatically correct & update their last online info.
    This has also recently happened to the “Roblox” and “Builderman” accounts for unknown reasons - I would assume that Roblox did something to their accounts that glitched them somehow.

  4. Q: Can you create a game that shows what game someone last played?
    A: As cool as this would be, this is unfortunately impossible at the moment. There is currently no API that publicly contains every player’s last-played game. Also, this would be logistically challenging to implement either way due to some users’ Privacy settings, as they vary for everyone (some people have their Follow settings open to everyone, friends only, or even no one at all). In addition, there is no way to display “how much Robux” a user has – only their Total RAP worth (which is the combined net sum of all of the user’s current limited items’ RAPs).

  5. Q: Why am I unable to look up and see when Noli was last online?
    A: The game is not broken. This happens because of the nature of Noli’s account - it is a glitched account and it is difficult to find the actual User ID of that account, as there are multiple potential ones. That is why you are not able to look up Noli in the game, because there is no username nor ID currently associated with that. If someone would like to provide me with more information regarding the true User ID of that account, let me know.

  6. Q: Is there an update/change log for the game?
    A: Yes.

  7. Q: Can I get a VIP server (private server) for the game?
    A: Yes! You are able to get one for free. It can hold up to 6 players, so feel free to invite your friends or anyone you want. In these private servers, you are able to play music to the entire server - not just to yourself (unlike in the normal multiplayer servers, where you hear only your own music).

  8. Q: Is there any way to view someone’s last online information on the Roblox website without having to go into the game?
    A: There is currently no official way to do this. There are (unofficial, and potentially risky) web extensions that somewhat do this (although I noticed that they usually only list the last online date but not the time). Last online information used to be available on the player search page but that feature was removed in early 2017 for unknown reasons - hence I made this game.

  9. Q: Can I view which friends I lost and/or gained (ex: if someone unfriended you)?
    A: Yes, you are now able to! This information is only shown in single-player servers (which you can teleport to by clicking “SINGLE PLAYER VERSION” in the side menu, or by selecting the teleport option when you first join a multiplayer server). The game will show a list of friends that you made/lost ever since you last joined the single-player version of the game.

  10. Q: Why are banned players (like Minish, Dignity, 1x1x1x1, etc.) showing up as empty grey avatars when I try to morph into them and/or spawn their actual avatars? [THIS QUESTION IS TEMPORARILY OUTDATED; I HAVE DISABLED MORPHING/SPAWNING INTO BANNED/TERMINATED PLAYERS THAT I HAVE NOT MANUALLY ADDED, OR ELSE YOU WOULD JUST SEE A GREY AVATAR]
    A: This issue has unfortunately been happening approximately since the end of 2020, and it appears to be an issue on Roblox’s end (as this didn’t happen before then). Whenever the game tries to obtain the banned users’ avatar information (like the items they’re wearing, body colors, etc.), it does not detect their User ID and essentially returns the error: “the specified user does not exist”. I tried some workarounds, but there is no efficient solution to this - unless Roblox fixes it. Worst case scenario: I will manually obtain the avatar information for the most famous banned players, so that when you try to morph/spawn them, it’ll work normally. I have added about 40 of the most popular banned users’ avatars manually, so you can morph/spawn those specific ones only. There is no possible way to view their Outfits, also.

  11. Q: Why does it say that a user was “banned” instead of terminated?
    A: For the purpose of this game, I do not (and am not able to) distinguish between players that are temporarily banned or permanently banned (aka “terminated” or “deleted”). For example, it will say that 1x1x1x1 is banned, even though the account is terminated - a termination is still a ban. But users who just have a “Warning” or a short ban usually won’t be displayed as “BANNED”, based on what I’ve seen - it’s only mainly for terminated users. Also, when you look up such a user in the “More Info” GUI, you will see a clickable red text button above their avatar image that says “[BANNED]” - you can click on it for more information related to question #10.

  12. Q: Can you display information about why a specific user was banned?
    A: No, this is impossible. All users’ moderation actions are private (only that user can see the moderation note when they log into their account), and there is no possible way for the game to even access the reason why they are banned. The game also cannot tell how long someone is banned for, all the game knows is if a user is banned or not banned.

  13. Q: Is there some sort of search cooldown when I click the “Enter” button?
    A: There is a 2-3 second cooldown after searching someone up, in order to prevent spam/auto-clicking as a way to get onto the Most Usernames Looked Up leaderboard faster. The game also mathematically detects if you get too many searches within a time frame. This temporary change won’t be an inconvenience for >99% of the players.

  14. Q: Why is a user’s avatar image blank or failing to show/load?
    A: It is likely because the user is wearing an item that got moderated. This is usually due to some sort of clothing (or even a UGC item) that got recently moderated.

  15. Q: Can I see who searched for me/looked me up? And can I prevent others from seeing my information?
    A: You are not able to see who searched for you in the game for 2 reasons: 1) I do not track that data, it would also be a lot of data to track, and 2) such a feature would be heavily disliked for privacy reasons & it would discourage people from using the game. Also, you are not able to “hide” your displayed information (such as last online time and outfits), as that data is all publicly accessible via Roblox API - therefore it is not private (even though it may be frustrating for users to copy other users’ outfits). One thing you are able to hide is your Total RAP - you can do this by changing your Inventory Visibility privacy settings from “Everyone” to something else. If I have any changes to this system, it will be in the update log.

  16. Q: What information am I not able to load/see about terminated users?
    A: Due to Roblox’s limitations, there are a few things you are unfortunately not able to do with terminated users after you search for them (and I cannot do much about it as it’s beyond my control). Here is a general list:
    -You cannot morph/spawn terminated users, nor see a list of items that they are currently wearing (EXCEPTION: I have manually added the avatars of many famous terminated players so that you can morph/spawn them, and have manually added some players that were requested to me via PM. There’s only about 50 of these manually added users.)
    -You cannot see the terminated user’s Outfits.
    -You cannot see the terminated user’s Total RAP, because terminated users get their inventories privatized and inaccessible.
    -Sometimes, you cannot see their actual last online date, if they’ve been offline for a very long time. It may show their join date instead. (Also, if there is a 1 hour difference between join time and last online time, it is simply due to timezone-related issues, which is negligible)

Thanks for playing and feel free to send me a message (via Roblox PM, Twitter DM, messaging on the Roblox Dev Forums, etc.) if you have any ideas or issues to report. I may add to this post as time goes on. More updates are coming!
[FAQ Page Last Updated on May 26, 2021]